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Patch Notes for May 30

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Crusaders of Light May 30 Patch Notes

Battle for Karanvale - Part 2


    CoL’s 1 Year Anniversary is approaching! By participating in raids and other game activities During the Ascension of Heroes Event, you can get exclusive anniversary gold, platinum, and diamond chests. These chests contain valuable items such as a Heart of the Sea, Star Circle tokens, one or more Leaf of Eternity, up to 200k gold, and even exclusive mounts! Anniversary chests can be unlocked starting on Crusader of Light’s One Year Anniversary week: July 16, 2018.

    A new Team Raid, Dawn Cathedral - The Choral Courtyard is now available on all servers!

    Shadowveil Assassination now has a Role system, making combat more strategic and dynamic.

    Team Raid Kothas Foundry is now available on Heroic difficulty.

Ascension of Heroes Event

    CoL’s 1 Year Anniversary is approaching! By participating in raids and other game activities, you can get exclusive anniversary gold, platinum, and diamond chests. These chests contain valuable items such as a Heart of the Sea, Star Circle tokens, one or more Leaf of Eternity, up to 200k gold, and even exclusive mounts! Anniversary chests can be unlocked starting on Crusader of Light’s One Year Anniversary week: July 16, 2018.

    Chests drop in Scar Plains, Dire Galleon, Ancestral Altar, Goblin Camp, Fort Desolation, Ash Fort, Everlush Valley, and Chimeria.

    Heroic raids have higher chances to drop chests.

    Fort Desolation Heroic and Ash Fort Heroic guarantees a chest drop when you are eligible for loot.

    You can also get them from the Heroes’ Gathering Event on the Reward Page, and special weekly bundles in store.

    Login 7 days during the event to receive free daily anniversary chests, including a Diamond chest on Day 7!


    Dawn Cathedral Choral Courtyard

        A new Team Raid, Dawn Cathedral - The Choral Courtyard is now available on all servers!

            The Choral Courtyard is the first part of Dawn Cathedral to be released.

        Requires Character level 55 and Path level 70.

        Lansel, can drop pieces of the Sacred Oath set, a three-piece set for Paladins.

        Yeon and Yeo, can drop Yoe's Splendor and Yeo's Ruin set pieces.

        Pair the effects of these two sets for even more power!

        Drop cooldown is shared with Skyblaze Village - Smoldering Remains.

        The first player to get the first kill crown in each server will be awarded an exclusive "First Kill" achievement and title.

    Heroic Kothas Foundry

        Team Raid Kothas Foundry is now available on Heroic difficulty.

        Teams can include 7-20 players, with boss HP scaling based on team size.

        Requires Character level 55 and Path level 70.

        Kothas Foundry, Chimeria Island, Everlush Valley, and Wind Bluff Prison share a drop cooldown.

    Skyblaze Village

        Burning Skyblaze Village will be adjusted and broken down into two separate raids:

        The first raid will be called Skyblaze Village - Smoldering Remains. Its boss is Lord B'lique.

        The second raid will be called Skyblaze Village - Camp Darkhold. Its bosses are Baatimius and Pulrik Plaguespew.

    Raid Prerequisites

        Wind Bluff Prison, Mad Laboratory, and Kothas Foundry (Heroic) raids will have multiple prerequisites as follows:

            1) A server progression level requirement

            2) Server progression having reached a given raid for 42 days

    Raid Assist Adjustments

        Unlocked Mad Laboratory Raid assist and Mad Laboratory level assist corresponding attributes. Players on servers whose raid progress has reached Mad Laboratory or higher will be able to assist on Mad Laboratory raids.

    Crush Chance Adjustments

        Boss crush rate has been increased 10%, from 50% to 60% or 60% to 70%, depending on original crush rate. Warrior and Paladin Crush resistance has also been adjusted.


    Hellish, and Insane difficulty Mystica are now available.

        Hellish Mystica is unlocked once a server has progressed to Core of Rock Essence.

        Insane Mystica is unlocked when the server reaches Wind Bluff Prison.

        Impossible difficulty Mystica is unlocked when servers reach the Mad Laboratory.

    Torturous difficulty Mystica has been made easier.

Timed Events

    The Invasion of the Tribes

        A new 4-team Invasion of the Tribes is now available. Players will have a chance to join every 15 minutes in the Sardar Highlands.

        Defeat the Tribal Lords for a chance at talent blueprints, iron meteorites, and glyphs. Win on Psychotic difficulty or higher for a chance at a brand new holy talent blueprints, holy iron meteorites and high-level glyphs.

        Updated the boss navigation window, making it easier for players and teams to find the Invasion of the Tribes event and set difficulty.



        Crush Resistance

            The Crush rate provided by the Warrior's Gladiator tree was increased from 20% to 30%. Warriors naturally have 30% crush


        Crush Resistance

            Paladin Crush Resistance from Path selection was increased from 50% to 60%.


        Glacial Spike

            Fixed superimposition issues that could occur when the Elementalist's skill changed to Glacial Spike.

                All players who had builds with Glacial Spike will have any equipped Legendary equipment skill level reset and compensated with a skill level voucher. This voucher can be taken to the Karanvale Weapon Merchant Pierce Nipheau to replace skills. This will apply to all PvE legendary equipment with skills enhancing Glacial Spike, and can be used to reinvest into any other Elementalist skill. This operation can be carried out twice.

                All players who had builds focused on Glacial Spike have been given extra silver coins and/or bound crystals after the server maintenance as compensation.



        The following sets can now be used as upgrade materials for Divine and Legendary equipment: D7 Wild Missile, D7 Thunderstorm, D8 Sword Dancer and D8 Malum.

        As of this update, D7 and D8 sets can also be swapped.


        Normal 5-player raids no longer drop Lvl. 40 or higher blueprints.

        Lvl. 30 blueprints now only drop from raids.

        Lvl. 30 blueprints dismantle for more silver (equal to Lvl. 50 blueprints)


        Lvl. 50 Diamonds can now be exchanged.

        Players can go to Joaquim in Karanvale and exchange Sparkling Diamond Fragments for Lvl. 50 Diamonds.

        If needed, 1 Sparkling Diamond can be exchanged for a Sparkling Diamond Shards Chest containing 6 Sparkling Diamond shards.

    Equipment Swap

        Equipment swap allows players to swap one piece of set equipment for another, with the following rules:

        After this update, all set equipment acquired by the player at any time (including any currently equipped) will be selectable options for equipment swapping.

        When swapping for a set item of a certain type (head, legs, etc.), any set item you have for that slot can be used with certain other materials to exchange.
        D0 equipment cannot be used for swapping.

        The following can now be used as equipment upgrade materials: D9 - Dawn Covenant, D9 - Yoe's Splendor, D9 - Yeo's Ruin. These sets can help players enhance the attributes of Divine and Legendary equipment. They can drop from Team Raids at Dawn Cathedral - The Choral Courtyard


    Unlocked at Path Level 60

        Applied as upgrades to Mythic Charm

        Two types


                Up to ten embedded at one time

                One active


                Number inlaid based on Shadowveil Assassination progress

Outfit System

    Outfits which have been transmogged will be moved from the Transmog Dye window to a new Outfit window.

    Specific class outfit boxes (unbound) will be changed to tokens for bound specific class outfits. These can be redeemed for outfits, and do not require players to expend any additional resources.

    Any outfits/headwear which have not yet been used to transmog equipment can be exchanged with the Karanvale Transmog Merchant for cost class outfit tokens (bound). If redeemed for the same kind of outfit, no other resources need to be expended.

    Outfits which have already been transmogged will be converted to materials such as leather, cloth, and thread, and sent to players by mail.

Outfit Individuality Workshop

    Allows Sacred Oath Set to be upgraded

    Select between two color schemes

    Three upgrades possible for each

    Gives Heartrain, Illuminated, or Gallop effects



        When a team leader enters a cross-server instance, the entire team will be taken along as well unless they are incapable of entering cross-server.

        All cross-server prizes will be sent via a single in-game mail to the player upon their return to their home server.

        Fixed a problem with cross-server transactions in which players would not receive the system message confirming a successful transaction.

        You can now quick-match from the prep area of Final Challenge and Glorious Championship.

        Adjusted Faction Balancing to be more accurate. Players can now earn titles and more rewards by switching to the weaker team. If Teams are balanced all players earn significantly more rewards.

    Aldor Colosseum

        Fixed an issue with loading PvP attributes for 5v5 Aldor Coliseum Honor Group (5v5) matches. Players should not have to manually switch equipment loadouts before entering Honor Group.

        When entering the Aldor Coliseum Honor Group (5v5) map, the current attributes in use will now display correctly.

        Currently Peak and Honor groups have added penalties for leavers and toxic players. If a player is being extremely negative or leaving the game early, they will be marked by the system and unable to join a new match for 5 minutes.

        Players with a history of leaving games will no longer qualify for weekly 5-match participation prizes.

    Aldor Colosseum Season

        Season 3 of the Aldorr Coliseum has arrived! Place in the Top 10 to earn exclusive out-of-circulation mounts! Prizes are as follows:

        The Top 10 Peak Group players on each server will get an exclusive War Tiger (Peak) mount.

        The Top 10 Honor Group players on each server will get an exclusive War Tiger (Honor) mount.

        Military Rank is reset to level 1, as will related titles and PvP bonuses.

        Faction reputation level will not be affected.

        Unspent Honor was converted into Silver.

        Season 3 adjustments:

            Military Rank Shop items will be adjusted as follows:

            Lvl. 120 and 144 PvP Equipment will be available for purchase using Honor after reaching a specific Military Rank.

            Stock now includes the Battlefield Weapon Kit, the Battlefield Tunic Kit, and the Battlefield Talisman Kit, available to purchase for all Military Ranks. Each can contain a full set of Lvl. 116 PvP Equipment (including Talisman).

            The Lvl. 100 and 116 PvP Equipment sold during Season 2 will not be available during Season .

            The Aldor Coliseum Shop's items have been adjusted as follows:

            Honor Group players who achieve a certain rank can use Honor to purchase Lvl. 120 and 152 PvP Equipment.

            Honor Group players who achieve the rank of Champion or better can spend Silver to purchase the Season 3 exclusive mount, War Tiger.

            The Lvl. 100 and 124 PvP Equipment from Season 2 will no longer be available.

            PvP Equipment bought in Season 3 can be dismantled into Honor for 100% of original value.

            The Lvl. 100 and 116 PvP Talismans that could be acquired through Guild Battle, Rob the Tramcar, etc. have been replaced with Lvl. 120 and 144 PvP Talismans.

        Shadowveil Assassination

            Role System

                Shadowveil Assassination now has a Role system, making combat more strategic and dynamic.

                    Role Descriptions

                        Seer: An inquisitive investigator.

                            Skill 1: Reveal. Reveals the true nature of its target. If the target is an assassin, it is exposed and the cooldown is reset. Has no effect on other units.

                            Skill 2: True Sight. Reveals up to two Assassins in the target area (size 200) for 5 seconds. Assassins are only revealed to the Seer.

                        Berserker: A fighter for hire.

                            Skill 1:  Gory Assassination. Initiating attack. When you kill a target, your attack also hits a random additional unit near the target.

                            Skill 2: Massacre Feast. The Berserker instantly refreshes their Stiletto's Kiss cooldown and removes its cooldown altogether for 8 seconds. After the 8 seconds, they will be exposed.

                        Defender: A defensive specialist.

                            Skill 1: Reflect Melee. Once activated, any incoming damage from skills is 100% reflected back on their respective casters. Lasts 2 seconds.

                            Skill 2: Taunt. All assassins within 150 yards are forced to attack the player, with 100% of the damage reflected back on the attackers. Has no effect on ordinary citizens.

                        Deceiver: A seasoned con artist.

                            Skill 1: Puppeteer. Summon a puppet assassin that moves at random. Lasts 6 seconds.

                            Skill 2: Scheming. Hypnotize a random citizen near the target and order them to kill.

            The Shadowveil Assassination Shop now features Essence and Runes, which can be used to greatly enhance a Mythic Charm.

            Windwhisper Survival and Shadowveil Assassination drop Inscriptions and Arena Medals, which can be used to purchase Essence and Runes.

            The Shadowveil Assassination reputation shop also carries Gold and Platinum Glyph Chests.

            Server and network performance has been improved.

Weekend Login Rewards

    Players who log in once from Saturday to Monday will gain a Royal Celebration Pack.

    Players who log in on two days in that range will get a Superior Royal Celebration Pack.
    Players who log in on all three days will get a Deluxe Royal Celebration Pack.
    Additionally, players who log in on Monday will gain additional rewards to welcome you back to the work week, including Glyphs, Light of Dawn, Divine Essence, and other rare items.

    These Login Rewards will reset weekly.


    New Items

        Dazzling Boxes:Dazzling Boxes can contain a variety of arcane items, including the Arcane Cube and tradeable outfit boxes.

        Starshine Vow Giftbox: Lucky players can find two rare items--the "Sacred Heart" and the "Oath Ring"--which can be used to upgrade the Sacred Oath Outfit.

    Lucky Draw

        A brand new pendant, "Chicken Soup", can now be found in the Lucky Draw.

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

    Fixed an error in Normal/Heroic Burning Skyblaze Village in which only Pulrik's Magellana Purge or Magellana Barrier would occur.

    Resolved an issue in which Elementalists might leave the preparation area early.

    Fixed display issues in the equipment forging window .

    Fixed an issue where Thunder Runes would not take effect when the Warrior's Deadly Forge skill would heal a target.

    The Faction channel can now display chat in "Bullet Screen" mode, wherein all chat will float across the screen.

    Quick Team can now be used for a new "Offerings to Ancient Gods" quest.

    The cooldown for changing faction has been reduced from 30 days to 1 day, for a price of 5 million silver.

    Once the Faction Hunt event ends, players who receive Guild Auction prizes will be prompted to start bidding with the corresponding item.

    In order to help players participate in Escort/Rob the Tramcar, it has been moved to Surgewind Wilds in the Battle menu. Enter the battlefield by the Tramcar in the World. The Tramcar will move towards its destination. Protectors win if it makes it to its destination, but the robbers will win if it is knocked down.

    Defense Gems: Lvl. 50 Jade Stones, Aquasource Diamonds, Riverheart Stones, and Elemental Diamonds will be available for purchase on your server once Wind Bluff Prison has been completed.

    The Surgewind Wilds (PvP) map does not show Faction Trade Merchants by default, but players can tap the trade icon in the bottom right corner to display the trade merchant.

    Added pop-up messages and a Faction channel message for Rob the Tramcar.

        Once all players have knocked down the Tramcar, it will no longer display.

    Changing Factions can no longer restricted by bounties.

    Removed the restriction on 40-player teams for Highshard Valley.

    The Star Circle Shop is now called the Star Circle/Glyph Shop, and as the name implies, it now also sells Glyphs. Glyph Chests are now in stock, which contains a Lvl. 1-2 Hunter\'s Glyph, Support Glyph, or Protective Glyph (chosen at random).

    Optimized Shadowveil Assassination UI to fix an issue where kill information displayed would interfere with target selection.

    Added a feature which in which players can allow their mount to be chosen at random from among the mounts they already own.

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