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Read Me Before Posting!

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Greetings Crusaders,

Welcome to the Guild Recruitment Forum! Use this as a resource for finding that perfect guild, or recruiting new players to make your existing guild even more successful. In order to do that though, there are a few guidelines we do ask that you follow.

Post Title

It's important for your post title to be informative. We recommend the following formatting:

[ServerName] "Guildname" OtherTextHere

So if I were recruiting for the Guild "Dev Overlords" on the server "Thundercall Forest" I might post:

[Thundercall Forest] "Dev Overlords" wants a few more recruits!

Although in general I'd probably want to keep it shorter, so that the title displays well.


Don't Disparage Others Guilds

Everyone has different experiences, and maybe you don't like a guild so much. The Forums are not a good place to discuss this. If you don't have something nice to say about a guild, don't post in this section.


Limit Bumps to Once a Week

It's nice to have your thread on top of the forums, and bumping your post gets it there. But everyone wants their post at the top of the forums. If everyone bumps as much as they want, any actual useful discussion gets drowned out. Don't bump your thread more than once a week. You can answer potential applicants questions as much as you want of course!


One Active Thread at a Time

If you have a thread, keep using it as long as possible. If you do want to make a new thread, wait at least a couple weeks since the last reply to the old thread and make sure it's not on the front page of the forum. If you need help with the title, please send me a PM to get it resolved. I can also lock your old threads in this forum as needed.


Hope that helps, good luck with your recruiting!

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for those who are recruiting new members, i am free to join your guild! xD

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