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Crusaders of Light April 18 Patch Notes

Battle for Karanvale

Karanvale, Capital of the Sardar Highlands and all the Human realm, is now available! Venture forth into this bustling metropolis, and see what opportunities the city holds! Charms of Mythic power, ancient relics from battles fought long ago, are available for enterprising Crusaders to repair and utilize. Cunning killers stalk the city waiting to strike in Shadowveil Assassination. And powerful experiments run amok, in the Mad Laboratory Team Raid.


Are you fully prepared? The Battle for Karanvale awaits.




Karanvale: Karanvale, royal city of the humans, is now available. Explore its majestic palaces, holy temples, and seedy underbelly.


Mythical Charms: Ancient relics that need repair, these potent items are available from the Mythical Charms Quest line. Further empower your charms with Karanvale Crystal Cores, acquired through Shadowveil Assassination.


Shadowveil Assassination: New PvP mode that puts you in a battle of secrecy, rooting out assassins while remaining disguised. Use your guile, eliminate the competition, and emerge victorious!


Mad Laboratory: Peaceful experiments have gone mad in the latest Team Raid. Ratcheting up the difficulty, Mad Laboratory will test your abilities as never before in Milura. Can you pass this most difficult of challenges?





Sardar Highlands



    Mythical Charm Quest Line: Unlocks after talent level 40. Phillipa asks you to gather 3 items (Astrology Tablet, Moonlight Jade, Elemental Stone) for her. Upon the completion of the delivery, a new trial quest opens requiring participation in Shadowveil Assassination.


Team Raid

    Mad Laboratory: Peaceful experiments have gone mad in the latest Team Raid. Ratcheting up the difficulty, Mad Laboratory will test your abilities as never before in Milura. Can you pass this most difficult of challenges?


  1. Requires Lv. 55 with Lv. 70 Path Level

  2. Shares a reward limit with the Core of Rock Essence raid.


Wind Bluff Prison

  1. Decreased Wind Bluff Prison #1 Boss Samofir's attack power.

  2. Decreased Wind Bluff Prison #2 Boss Balian's attack power and HP.

  3. Added Extraordinary Talent equipment blueprints and iron to possible drops from Illusionist Lords on Hellish difficulty and higher.

  4. Wind Bluff Prison now has Assists enabled. Any player on the server that satisfies the level requirements for Wind Bluff Prison can now Assist with this raid.

  5. Raid rules adjustment: Players who have not completed Fort Desolation can participate in the Ash Fort raid.



    Mythical Charm - New gear slot and the first Mythical item in Crusaders of Light! Obtained through the questline “Mythical Charm”, this item can be powered up by acquiring Karanvale Crystal Cores.

    Gems - Adjusted Lv. 50 Sparkling Diamond dismantling results. Lv. 50 Mountain of Light can be dismantled into 10 Sparkling Diamonds and 40 Sparkling Diamond Shards. Lv. 50 Heart of the Sea can be dismantled into 10 Sparkling Diamonds and 20 Sparkling Diamond Shards.


Star Circle System

  1. Added Motivation and Mystic Star Circles. You can get them by exchanging Prophecy Compasses or Flowers of Torannis.

  2. The Star Circle Shop and Merchant now have Uncut Starlight Stones for sale. Use them for a chance at Starlight Mirrors or Starlight Lenses for Motivation and Mystic Star Circles.

  3. Dismantling Swiftness, Roar, Flourish, and/or Dexterity Star Circles to get a set amount of Star Shavings.

  4. All Star Circle effects are now usable, adjustable and/or take effect in cross-server environments as follows:

    1. Restraint relationships and effects between Star Circles take effect

    2. Auxiliary Star effects, including self-buffs and auras take effect

    3. Unlocked Star Circle abilities can be swapped and installed (any changes made while in cross-server environments will carry over after returning to original server)

    4. Team Star Circle Cores can be swapped

    5. Star Circles can be locked and unlocked. (Any changes made carry over upon return to original server)

    6. Passive Star Circle status effect sharing can be toggled on/off in the settings menu. Any changes made will continue to take effect upon return to original server.




    New PvP Mode: Shadowveil Assassination: New PvP mode that puts you in a battle of secrecy, rooting out assassins while remaining disguised. Use your guile, eliminate the competition, and emerge victorious!  Play solo or in teams, earn reputation, and climb the leaderboard while earning great prizes!

  1. Each contest consists of up to 8 players, and lasts for 15 minutes or until a kill score of 15 is reached.

  2. If a player chooses wrong and attacks a normal citizen, they will be taken over by Desolationist magic and respawn as an assassin.

  3. Players can use daggers and bows to attack. Daggers can be used against any target, while bows can only be used to attack exposed assassins. The accelerate skill can help players swiftly maneuver around the battlefield.

  4. Day and night will alternate. During the night, Desolationist magic has no effect, so players will not be exposed as assassins.

  5. If a long time passes without any Assassins dying, the Council of Light will channel lightning to expose their targets.

  6. Watch closely and act carefully. While you need to seek out your targets, take care not to become a target yourself!

  7. Prizes for Windwhisper Survival and Shadowveil Assassination are shared, including daily quest reward limits. Once the daily quest reward limit has been reached, completing quests will not reward players with prizes until the counter is refreshed.

  8. New Legendary and Divine PvP equipment has been added. Lv. 100 fixed attribute PvP equipment is available for purchase at the Aldorr Coliseum Shop, and can be combined with certain Legendary and Divine equipment to get randomized Lv. 100 attributes. The Lv. 116 Fixed Attribute PvP equipment at the Aldorr Coliseum Shop can be forged with certain resources into Lv. 116 Purple Tier equipment. Legendary and Divine equipment can be upgraded by expending fixed attribute PvP equipment above their rank. Said fixed attribute PvP equipment can also be used to reforge and/or refine Legendary and Divine Equipment. Purple Tier equipment can only be reforged.


  1. In order to preserve balance, character attributes on cross-server maps will be adjusted as follows:

    1. Default attribute values will be based on Class and Class Talents.

    2. Attribute bonuses from equipment, gems, Star Circles, and achievements will be unchanged.

    3. Non-attribute bonuses from equipment, gems, Star Circles, and achievements will be adjusted in cross-server battles, but will still have some impact.

  2. The Quest interface can now be opened while in PvP maps, allowing players to view quest details, autopath to quests, and abandon quests.

  3. Movement speed bonuses from Riding Books now carry over to PvP maps while on flat ground.

  4. While in PvP maps, PvP Set bonuses can now be viewed from the "Arena Gear" window.

  5. A large number of Elite creatures have entered Surgewind Wilds (PvP). Heroes can now go to the PvP maps to hunt them down for prizes that will help boost their PvP capabilities.

  6. When players enter cross-server modes, any equipped abilities not supported in cross-server modes will be replaced at random with an eligible ability.

  7. Players can see their teammates' locations on their minimap in real-time.

  8. Escort the Tramcar: In order to make this mode more exciting, we have added a points system. In this event, players can kill enemy faction members or attack the tramcar to earn points. Guilds will be ranked by points, and top guilds will be rewarded with generous guild auction items.

  1. Participating players can earn Lv. 116 quality PvP Necklace shards, which can be combined to make a Lv. 116 Necklace (Arlenspark Klungs'n).

  2. Guilds who perform well in this mode can earn great Guild Auction items as prizes, including Lv. 116 PvP Necklaces, Starlight Stones, and Uncut Starlight Stones.

  3. After each battle, your Guild's current points and rank will be announced in the Guild Channel.

  4. Smaller amounts of points are earned by the losing team.

  5. When participating in Escort/Snatch the Tramcar, rival faction players killed near the Tramcar will not increase kill count.

  1. Merlin's Stones, which are used to reforge PvP equipment, can now be earned In all Faction and PvP events/game modes.

  2. Extended the cooldown on changing Factions from 1 day to 14 days.

  3. In response to player feedback regarding cross-server Faction balance issues, we have re-adjusted the faction balance constraints within the cross-server area. When one faction in a cross-server team is strong, other players will be restricted from joining or transferring to said faction.

  4. Added a score display for PvP equipment for evaluating/comparing the overall rating of different loadouts.


  1. The Arena has been adjusted to only allow the use of Arena Equipment within. Because of this change, any non-Arena equipment you had equipped to your Arena loadout has been removed and sent to your inbox.

  2. Arena Gear will now only be able to use Arena Gems.

  3. Old-server Potions can now be used in Arena battles as they are in cross-server modes.

  4. When competing in Arena PvP, you must deal some damage to an enemy to get a share of the bounty when said enemy is killed.

  5. Final Challenge and Glorious Championship matchmaking area has been changed from single-server to cross-server.

  6. Final Challenge and Glorious Championship preparation and competition areas have been changed to cross-server, and attributes will be adjusted according to cross-server battle rules.

  7. Original server rankings for Glorious Championship and Final Challenge will affect cross-server rankings.

    Windwhisper Survival:

  1. Increased Windwhisper Survival completion and daily quest reputation rewards to help players increase their Survival Camp reputation faster.

  2. Windwhisper Survival quests are now daily quests, including kill two people, matchmaker once, and place in top 50% in a match.

  3. Added the retrieve reward  function to Windwhisper Survival. Players who do not use all of their Windwhisper Survival attempts will have missed attempts added to their recovery list (up to 4 tries). Players can retrieve unused attempts to earn some of the competition reputation prizes.

  4. Cancelled Windwhisper Survival total prize requirements. Current totals will not be erased.


Faction Hunt

  1. Upgraded event capacity from running one battlefield per instance to running two 60-player battlefields per instance, allowing up to 120 total participants at once.

  2. Prize awarding method changed from awarding on event completion to opening chests after killing monsters.

  3. Chests dropped by monsters have a set chance to drop Titan Relics, items which can significantly enhance a player's power in PvP.

  4. Added token rewards for Bakan the Executioner and Samoyin the Lava Hound. Acquire enough tokens to earn PvP attribute bonuses.

  5. In each Hunt, players in the winning faction have a chance to get Bakan or Samoyin tokens, as well as other prizes.

  6. Guilds with outstanding performance in the Hunt can earn a bountiful set of Guild Auction prizes, including Faction Hunt tokens, Starlight Stones, and Uncut Starlight Stones.

  7. In order to encourage more players to participate in the Faction Hunt event, we have adjusted the HP of the first hunt.

  8. To keep Faction Hunt balanced, small adjustments have been made to the HP of Bakan the Executioner and the Lava Hound.

  9. When heroes kill a Faction Hunt leader, it may drop Titan Relics containing enormous energy. Heroes that have acquired Titan Relics get a huge boost to their PvP capability. Two Titan Relics have been added, as described below:

  • Titanic Edge - Increases PvP damage by 50%

  • Titanic Grip - 25% chance to stun with normal attacks in PvP

Heroes with these effects will have a special appearance. This visual effect will only display in PvP Environments. When a character with these effects dies, they will lose these effects, and the corresponding Titan Relic(s) will be lost to them. When the Titan Relics are dropped, they will be marked on the map, and collectable by any Hero. Once a Titan Relic is dropped, it will stay on the ground until someone picks it up, or for 1 week otherwise. Titan Relics claimed in PvP will remain in the player's inventory until dropped on death.



    Flowers of Life - Through May 2, collect seven Flowers of Life and Blooming Gift Boxes by watering the Tree of Life. Once a player has all seven Flowers, the Tree of Life will sprout a Fruit of Life (exchangeable for a Harvest Gift Box).  


Mad Laboratory Raid Competition - Be in the first group in the game to clear Mad Laboratory (game-wide) and get 3 Month Goblin Elite Club Membership, the Crimson Pig Mount, Lucky Pup Back Pendant, and the “Lab Escapee” in-game Title. See the Forums for more details!



Captain Festival Packs - Fabulous Packs available from April 11 to 22. Chance for huge amounts of gold, Water of Life, the Dragon Trainer frame, the Prosperity frame, the Star of Karanvale frame, the Angel's Touch frame, and many different mounts.


Kingdom Ceremony Top up Deal - Now through May 16, get extra bonuses when you purchase gems. See the Top up Menu for more details.


Quality of Life

  1. New field bosses and leaders have been added to the Sardar Highlands. Happy hunting, heroes! These new enemies include Leon the Vivid One, Bellicostro Ironhorn, Moo the Hammerholder, Eschar the Jumper, and  Rose the Growler.

  2. Item drop/reward messages for cross-server battles will no longer be sent separately for each item, and instead will be combined into one message which will be sent when the player returns to their original server.

  3. Guild member faction affiliation is now visible on the Guild Info and Guild Member List pages.

  4. Players following a team leader will follow said leader into cross-server preparation zones and stay together (Glorious Championship and Final Challenge).

  5. Silver can now be used to pay for the Dragon in PvP environments.

  6. In light of player feedback, the Turbo Shop Magellana Emblem, Frost Heart, Blood of Titanus, Flowers of Torannis sale schedules have been adjusted to the server's Foundry. The sale schedule for Fire Spirits has been adjusted to the server's Core of Rock Essence. Additionally, Hunt Token fragments and season 1 faction reputation will no longer be sold in shops.

  7. All bound Purple Equipment (not including Legendary and Divine) can be dismantled in bulk through one-tap dismantling.

  8. To ensure the best player experience, we are merging the Thundercall Forest and Skyblaze Village servers. The resulting server will be named Thundercall Forest and the new maximum Path Level will be the same as Thundercall Forest.

  9. Added in-game recording function on iOS.



  1. Fixed a bug in Wind Bluff Prison #2 where after Balian's Cage Nightmare was destroyed, some of the trapped soldiers remained trapped.

  2. Fixed a bug in Wind Bluff Prison #2 where after Balian was chained, he would sometimes continue to roll forward.

  3. Resolved an issue with displaying DPS in PvP environments.

  4. Fixed an incorrect Arena Gift Bag description.

  5. When leaving a raid boss battle, the Arcane Contract skill cooldowns of Mystic characters will be reset.

  6. Fixed the issue in which Apocalypse set effects were not being granted to Elementalist characters.




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