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Some Tips

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*Originally posted by timdinh


Don't use auto-pilot
If you play the games yourself you almost always win guaranteed and much faster. This with the exception of "windy cave" and "escape the dragon" missions in Wanted.

Get as much runes as possible
When you reroll in Rune wards and get a reward rune you already have you receive 5 shards. When you do this you can get 25 runes a day easily. Runes are very strong in this game.

They are very very good, find the best combination for your team and you will steamroll every arena game with easy.


Invocation gives you small amounts of hero shards, and it's best to use them to level hero masteries. Use the Hero shards in the tavern to reach 5 stars as fast as possible and keep doing invocation on the 5 star champs only.

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