ROS Bluetooth Gamepad Sensitivity Error

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Halo i just bought ipega dark knight 9067.

Easy connect android phone without root needed.

Just connect pairing bluetooth to the gamepad and play. 

But all button, dpad for change weapon and relpad are working perfectly also for character movement using left analog is perfect.

But the problem is right analog sensitivity for character view/sight the sensitivity is not perfect. 

I have tried setting sensitivity vertical and horizontal is perfect ok no problem. But for X dirrection is problem the sensitivity is not same with vertical horizontal.

I dont know this problem only with my gamepad or it happens to every bluetpoth gamepad user. This is really problem because this is so important the sensitivity to be same vertical horizontal and also X dirrection. 

For the moment i back using touchscreen because of this problem. 


Maybe someone know how to fix this or can give solution? 

Because i feel really comfortable to aim movement change weapon using bluetooth gamepad and also my hands arent tired if play many match usimg gamepad. 

Thx u. 


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