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Didnt think id quit

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Well.. i was so hyped for elemental class. Then when i try it and has no skill effect sound it literally made me lose all that hype.. The class itself is small lil kid and i dont feel it.. The rest classes are more real looking and this one lil cartoon kid haha. 

Point is .. This game is a mess. Ppl constant losing items and lack of support.. And just coming to the forums and seeing the neglect and spam etc.. 

Its all an unorganized mess. No care.. If this was my company id hire someone whos job is strictly to monitor forums always.. Hire better devs that know how to fix and keep bugs at bay.. What amateurs they hired to cs and dev??? Cs sound so unprofessional. I really dont know how hard it is to hire better cs / devs / forum mods.. 

Are they greedy? Have low budget? What is it? I dont know.. But i lost interest... 

Wish ocho and red success and the best..

good luck to those who lost gems and legends lol thats some crazy ....... 

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