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Level 45

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Hi all, I just hit lvl 45 today. I would like to know, what should I focus on? Silver, Gold, Talent Xp, Rating?

Rep Quests:

Currently I am focused on Trial Quest 20 / Thundercall Q and A / Lunarian/ And the one just before Lunarian (forgot the name). (I already do the Irritating elements and that from daily events)


Doing 4x Normal Goblin Raid and 1x of the other 3 (Normal difficulty). I do heroic whenever I can aswell. Still learning the team raids but I do attempt them. Also do events as often as possible.

I use stamina ofc for mining.

My current rough stats:

Hp: 8900

Mana: 11.5K

Talent level (Shep): 36

Rating: 18750 ish

Should I focus on obtaining at least 10k HP with the gems and runes before anything? What should I prioritze? Any help is very much appreciated. 

Ps: I had a look around and couldn't find any sort of 'end game guide'. 


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Gems are very important try to obtain as many lvl 40 life gems first then get your appropriate damage gems then the defensive ones, more health you have less likely to get 1 shot by a boss skill. 

With reputation quests I work from the bottom up, so for me it's do naga daily first and work up (you only get rep for the first two reputation dailies so don't waste it on council of light as you get rep quite easily with trials) 

with raids if I have time I'll do 6 goblints, that way I maximize my wind talker rep. and receive the highest possible chance of better gear (mostly I just dismantle but it gives better essence at higher gear level) 

thats all I can think of for now good luck with end game 

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Thought of some more pointers.

with Gold try saving it for heroic raids/normal team raids as you will be bidding against other players for epic recipes so more gold you save the more higher you can outbid players, your silver spend them on the lvl 40 gems I mentioned earlier, each lvl 40 gem is 1.6mil silver, dismantle all other gems you don't use for silver. Make sure to save enough silver to lvl up talent paths when you have enough (you can substitute character xp when you don't have enough talent xp) 

and lastly map events. Not sure on spawn time but there are three which yield nice talent xp. 

Battle for relics

forgot other two haha I'll edit when I remember 

the map events you focus on are 5 player team make sure no one afks you need them to do stuff at end of event to complete.

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