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So, I am blown away as to how you guys delay a patch to make sure everything is good and proper.... yet you cant save a server when you patch.... Your roll back made me lose 5 alts to 55... made me lose over 2 mill gold on my accounts.... I had forged a legendary on my alt... I got 200 butterbeers on my main and got 3 legendry's... got the tears of the sea for a ranger, I got a snowfall grimor, and a lightning rage axe.... I didn't get any gracious gift box on my alt... so no legy.... I am absolutely disgusted with ya....not only that but I got an ss boots to drop from mystica 304, and a 304 accessory....  I put in more tickets that I care to count and I cant believe this....I am so pissed off... you have my friend Orra delete his account from all the sht you stole from us... and he has spent over 5k on the game... you guys blow me away..... For the first time I ever got lucky with these beers and got the legendary gear from the dragon eggs.... and now I have nothing.... I have no exquisite legendary gear and was so stoked to have it.... you have Took more from me.... and I am beyond pissed.... oh to make this even better... I got Compped 5 dragon scales and 5 gollen cast iron.... wow..... just wow.... how is that even close to Compensating 

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put sword instead of axe,,,,

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So sorry for your loss. But it was nightmare. I will quit the game immediately if im in your case. Just waste of time to invest to a Chinese game like this. 

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