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I personally hate the new update as I was gearing myself to get stronger for faction. You have made gearing up almost pointless now you only need to gear up to fight raids how lame is that. I was thinking it would make more sense to make faction back to server exclusive and keep the new world pvp map as x server. Anyone else have any ideas cause this new pvp stuff a bad look.

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So you spend a lot of time and money gearing up and progressing your character and some casual, under-geared players cry because you beat them up? And the solution is to cater to casuals and make everyone "equal" ? *cough-Blizzard-cough* 

Everything about faction is a mess right now. All I wanna go is get my daily medals and GTFO as soon as possible. Oh right,...Riding Books no longer work in faction so it takes you longer to get our faction dailies done. 

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