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Hi NetEase Im A Loyal And A Big Fan Of Rules Of Survival I really Love This Game So I get Addicted On It I Spended So Much Time Playing This Game Even My Mom Is Angry I Wont Stop Playing This Game. But A Disaster Happens I wis Gold I And Im Playing Solo Only 9 of us Left Means Ihave 8 more enemies Then I killed The 8 enemies Because im Using Barett With 8 times Scope So I Easyly Killed Them When I Win I Became A Platinum Rank But When I Play Again My Account Has Been Banned Permanently And thats What Happens...Please Unban Me I spend So Much Time And Money On This Game And Im A Loyal Player But This This is What I Get!? Permanent Ban Seriously!?


Server: Asia Pc

unban Me Coz Im a Very Big Fan Of Ros

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To Whom It May Concern,

Good Day. for the ros admin also for the ros team. I want to apologize for using cheat in Ros game that is because of I really depressed for those cheater that causes rank down and this cheat i use to revenge the cheater. And i think it is OK to cheat in this game because there are a lot of cheaters, so i planed to try cheat its just because i thought i wont get banned. and now i prove the this game is amazing because it uptades and even clean the game for the better. :) can you please unban me i promise not to cheat anymore. and also I take full responsibly of my account but I hope to be able to be given a chance to play again.

Jhonmike Dayrit

User detail: Facebook account ""
Username:- EspianFlame
Platform:- Windows pc
Server:- Pc-Asia

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Good Day Maam/sir! i would like to complain about my banned account of ROS, for no reason i got banned. i didnt use hack or anything, just enjoying the game. Please grant my request to unban my account so that i can play and support your game again.

IGN: ReDPantheR
date of ban: july 06, 2018

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