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Bug After Aldor

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Hello @RedPanda and @Ocho

So i can imagine, you guys are very busy, and your support is as well with the bug of gear/gems/gold etc last night.
Yet there is another problem, After i gained 5-8 refer's i've been getting issue's.
Disconnect screens at random moments, especially since i played 1 Aldor match, the game freezes instant, (No this is not my wifi or my internet)
It keeps trying to log in and relog and relog, Now me and my guildies, have this issue on multiple characters. 
and for all of us this started by doing 1 Aldor match, I've reported this bug 4 days ago, I can still not login. 
I'm losing progress, Loot, daily stuff.. And im not getting 1 response.
I'm on the edge of quiting and refunding my hundreds of euro's ive spent in this game.

This is my last call for help i'd like to really be helped. 
A Reply from anyone working at your company would be a start. 
(I've got older tickets open from 3 weeks ago with bugs, still unanswered.) 
But not being able to get in your account, your guild.. especially when your a key player sucks. 

I hope to hear from you soon. 

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