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Support team and failed charging

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Hello @RedPanda,

I keep doing the same post over and over again, so @Ocho or @RedPanda, can you do something to help your customers and not serving the same automatic answer ?

I paid for some goblins deals, successfully. I didn't anything, so I made a request, 3 weeks ago. Still not a single fcking answer.

So currently, to be crystal clear, I paid for something, you didn't deliver, and even following everything you said on the last post you locked (because your support should handle it), there is no way currently to get back our money.

I contacted Facebook and Google to ask for a refund. Since I paid with no delivery, I fit perfectly the conditions to enjoy a refund.

But it was even more fcking funny, when I got their answer. Even if you didn't deliver, to avoid the pressure of your app hosters, you answer them that everything has been delivered.  

I find myself in a situation where I can't do ****. Ask support team as you keep repeating like an automat doesn't produce any results, asking for refund is impossible because even if it's true, you prefer to lie to Google and Facebook, to keep the money and keep doing nothing.

You are always asking for more time, delaying everything, keep using the "we are new" excuse.

So, the question is pretty simple, doesn't require a huge brain to undertand it and answer it correctly, I know you're probably able to do it.


What can we do to get a real resolution in a correct amount of time ?


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You should always get what you paid for. There's no question about that.

Unfortunately, the only team that can resolve these issues is our CS team, so you have to go through them. That's why we try to direct these sorts of requests their way. Posting here asking for a quicker resolution doesn't help directly. It does, however, give us feedback about how people feel about our current CS performance, and that feedback is very useful and appreciated.

Our CS times are longer than we'd like, but we're making progress in dramatically reducing them to be able to address issues like this faster. We definitely get the frustration, and apologize for the long wait.


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