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Patch Notes for May 31, 2017

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Crusaders of Light Patch Notes 5/31


  • Added the ability to like the Crusaders of Light Facebook Page in game; make sure to follow to learn all about what's coming next. And as an added bonus, you get 10,000 silver! 


  • Elemental Lords have been given off-roading capabilities and are now much better at adapting to difficult terrain. Hiding on obstacles is no longer a viable strategy.

Goblin Merchant

  • The Goblin merchant has once again added new and interesting offers. Act fast before he switches things up!


  • We've removed a small tribe of goblins that had infiltrated our translation staff, thereby improving efficiency and overall translation quality. The Goblins in question have been reassigned to patch note preparation until we can find a proper placement for them.

The CoL Team 

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