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you've probably know that you can bid/connect your account to facebook/game center (if iOS) or google play games (if anroid). But there is actualy one thing missing. An option to unbind your account.  And here's my problem:

I connected my account to wrong FB account (yop, I have 2 FB accounts, don't ask why) and yea, I didn't recognize fast enough that it's wrong account and boom, connected. Actually, I am asking DEVELOPERS for help. Is it possible to unbind my account from FB? I do have connected my account with game center and google play as well (I use both iOS and android) so I don't worry about data loss, just need to unbind my FB.

Solution for future problems:

In World of Tanks Blitz (hope it's not problem that I mentioned other game) the game itself supports IN-GAME bind/unbind account option. This would be so great to have this option is this game too.  (CLICK to see WoT:B system)


Waiting for reply,

have a nice day ^^

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