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So I have played a tamer since I started this game.  I’m currently level 55 with a 62 path.  Just switched to Scout this afternoon and every guide I could find is old!  So I have a couple of questions if anyone is so inclined to help me:)

1) Is starblade volley still not worth using?  A couple of videos I watched seems to lean towards not bothering with it.  If that holds true then do I re- roll path again and concentrate solely on the Crit paths? 

2)  What should my crit and hit ratings be at ideally?  I do mainly PVE, but enjoy some PVP on occasion.  

3) With the 3 rune upgrades for razor wind, would I prioritize them in damage, cool down,  and then casting time? 

I have a couple more questions, but I’ll start with these haha! 

Thanks for any help! 

StarryKnight/ Janice 

Thundercall Forest server:) 

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Hello i cannot help u for question 2 and 3 but for the starblade volley question i can tell u that since lvl 55 they increase the damage of it by alot so its now totally Worth using it. For your others questions i dont want to tell u eomething im not 100% sure. 

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So I currently have 3 pieces of holy, 2 of soulsunder and the rest are drops from mystica. My gearscore is around 47k.  So I’m very middle of the pack (at least on my server).  I just kinda went for what I believed to be a decent build and I increased my overall DPS by over 5k with the switch.   All the news and videos out there that I could find were pre 55.  So not a lot to get info from.  I think I still need some work on my crit as well as upgrading my current GS.

I decided to build an equal path, because like Kailo mentioned, Starblade Volley seems to be doing ok for me.  I have just been working it into a rotation as it hits its CD.  

Any other advice is welcome, but so far I am pretty happy with the move!! 



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