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Hi @RedPanda,

I just finished watching the stream and I wanted to provide my own opinion on what I thought of it. I will try to keep this as constructive as possible.

When I tune in to watch a stream from NetEase games I expect to be learning about new content in the game that I might have missed after reading the patch notes as I think it is your duty as the community manager to educate players who might not have a lot of time to explore the game and find out things that weren't listed in the patch notes.

In the few most recent streams I've noticed there isn't a lot of showing us new content but rather us just watching you play while you respond to questions on the twitch chat. While this is fun and might be something a frequent twitch streamer would do, I think it is counterproductive to the primary purpose of the stream which would be to educate your player base and demonstrate what is new and how to complete newly released content.

In addition to this I would also make the suggestion that a more complete set of patch notes be completed before posting them on the forum. There are a number of things that are now available that weren't mentioned in the patch notes for example; You can now re-roll the grade on your auxiliary star circles once it has reached a certain level. 

You also mentioned that the daily grind is becoming a nuisance on the stream which I agree with. Reflecting on that it seems the issue it comes down to is you have to spend a certain amount of time everyday completing certain tasks in order to keep up with other players and the server. I can see that you've already started to take steps in reducing the amount of time played everyday by having windwhisper survival stack its rewards up to 7 days. I would love to see this taken a step further whereby you could potentially save everything including normal raids, lord invasion, faction quests etc. for 7 days thus giving players more freedom to enjoy the game when it suits them each week rather than each day.

I think the issue of time is a big one for both the stream NetEase Games provides through yourself and the daily activities required in that I want to be spending my time learning more about the game rather than just watching the community manager play windwhisper survival games for an hour.

I don't like to be negative but I feel this constructive feedback needed to be shared to help you improve the game and the way information is delivered.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to the next stream

- Poyo
Reavedge Village +10 UTC

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18 minutes ago, God Like said:

It was more like a Lets Play stream...

I agree @God Like and I think Lets Play streams are great. The feedback I want to provide is that this was not communicated to the player base and in addition I would expect following a fairly major update with lots of changes that these changes would be a priority in demonstrating and educating the community and reserving a Lets Play stream following any minor updates or bug fixes etc.

This is just my opinion but I know there are a few that share it given the things I've been hearing on discord, world chat and guild chat following the stream.

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