UPDATE: Surgewind Wilds/Reavedge Villiage Server Merge Jan 18 (AU Time)

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Hi everyone! It's time to give you an update on our plans to merge Surgewind Wilds and Reavedge Village.

We originally intended to merge these servers last year, but due to technical issues we had to push that off. The new date for the merge is now January 18th(AU Time)...with one important change. Please note that Surgewind Wilds will now be merged into Reavedge Village (instead of the other way around). The FAQ will be updated to reflect this new information

Thanks and adventure on Crusaders!

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Hi since surgewind and reavedge will merge I just want to ask;


-What if the certain server already got a title on clearing the raid and the other didn’t? Will the title be available or not?

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