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Patch Notes of Oct 10

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Patch Notes for October 10


New Events

1.Midsummer Gourmet Festival

Event time: Oct 10 - 24

Complete all Gourmet Festival requests every day during Oct 10 - 24 to get some amazing completion rewards!


Taste Delicacies

Shar’vid, the cook of the Dire Galleon, has set up a grill on the eastern beach. Players can go there and help Shar’vid to earn great prizes, including the Magic School Outfit, the Candy Ice Cream Pendant, and other rare items. Get spices for Shar’vid by opening daily 100 activity chests and killing bosses in weekly team raids.


Gourmet Fund

10% of all unbound crystals and gold spent by players (except crystal used in Daily Loot) in this period will be contributed to individual Gourmet Funds, which can be reclaimed from Oct 25 - 31.


Midsummer Milk

Complete specific events each day and go to the Events → Midsummer Milk panel in the upper right corner to claim fresh milk from Shar’vid. Collect enough milk to exchange for a wealth of fabulous prizes!


Summer Collection

It’s hot in Karanvale! The little king has specially ordered the city quartermaster to collect summer goods in the city. Help the quartermaster for some great rewards!


2. Lucky Card Flip

The Shop menu now has a “Lucky Card Flip” event!

1. Players can flip over one card for free each reset period (additional flips cost tickets). The Goblin Merchant will tell players how many tickets each additional card flip costs.

2. If a player flips an entire row or column, they will get one of the additional prizes displayed on the panel. Additional prizes are placed directly in the player’s inventory.

3. If a player flips all nine cards, a “refresh” button will appear. Cards will be reset automatically at midnight daily.

4. Card flips can grant the Thunderlord frame, Light of Dawn, Tears of the Moon, Book of Curses, lvl. 40 gem bags and other great prizes!



I. Raids

Battle of Karanvale - Escape the Airdock

1. Fixed an issue in Escape the Airdock where players could lag out as they walk on the ramp up to the platform.

2. Fixed an issue in Escape the Airdock where the Mechanical Armor driver would be removed from the Armor before Garoso’s “Doom Fire” skill finished.

3. Reduced the duration of the Mechanical Armor’s disabled effect during the Garoso fight. The Mechanical Armor driver should no longer be able to be affected by electric current damage when Garoso starts his Doom Fire skill

4. Reduced Garoso’s HP and slightly reduced his damage.

5. Greatly reduced the HP of the following Garoso summons: Demolition Demons, Poison Demons, and Earth Demons.

6. Mechanical Armor’s “Jump Upon” skill cooldown reduced from 15 to 12 seconds.

7. Greatly reduced Sedge’s HP.

8. Server First achievement of raid Escape the Airdock will be reset in server Thundercall Forest.


9.Greatly reduced the Starr the Astrologer’s HP in Dawn Cathedral – Secret Astrology Sanctum.

10. Lowered talent level requirement for Heroic difficulty level of Skyblaze Village – Smoldering Remains and Skyblaze Village – Camp Darkhold from 50 to 45.


II. Cave of Eternity

To improve balance and player experience, we have eliminated buffs from Preset Mode. This should allow players to compete under truly equal circumstances.

We increased the maximum number of raid refreshes to 5 times per week.


III.  Equipment Shop

Starting when the Core of Rock Essence raid is finished, the Gorghana set will no longer be available. Instead, the shop will carry two pieces of the set dropped two raids prior to the current highest level raid. To unlock the set of the current raid, you must beat it, as well as the two following raids.

For example, if a server has progressed to Core of Rock Essence, clearing Wind Bluff Prison will unlock Kothas Foundry (Normal) drop set in the shop, i.e. Thoroughly Tampered Pauldrons and Breeches, and Hatred Power Vambraces and Helm. These will be available in the shop until the player clears Mad Laboratory (Normal).


IV. Reputation Quests

1.Daily Reputation Quest limit reduced from 2 to 1; Reputation awarded doubled.

2.Reputation rewards for Goblin Camp, Surgewind Valley, Guardian Canyon have been doubled.

3.Enemies that give Reputation on death (including Faction soldiers) now give 10 instead of 6. Daily limit has not been changed.


V. Rewards

1.New First Time Spender Pack: After this update, top-ups of any purchase will be rewarded with a 30 USD value gift pack! Players who have already topped up in the past can claim this reward for free.

2.Will of Thunder Top-up Reward: Don’t miss the chance to collect the Stargaze Avatar and the Will of Thunderous Weapon.

3.Players get corresponding equipment packs at levels 30, 33, and 35.

4.7-Day Login Reward: Enhanced the 7-Day Login Reward for new players in order to make it easier for them to catch up with the server.

5.Players will receive an additional Green-quality equipment set in their Level-up Giftpacks at levels 10 and 20 in order to help them get out of the early game faster.


VI. Faction Quest Rewards

1.Faction shop will no longer sell Dragonscales, Gollen Cast Iron, and Silver Chests. Faction Medals earned from Mining Crystals will not change, and can be exchanged for Divine equipment.

2.Any Faction Medals you have before the update will be removed, and an equivalent amount of “Darkveil Faction Medals” will be sent to your inbox. Darkveil Faction Medals can be exchanged for Dragonscales, Gollen Cast Iron, Silver Chests, Faction Medals, or converted into 200k Silver each.

3.Divine Sacrificial Offering quests will now also reward players with a Divine Silver Chest containing 500k-1.5 million silver coins. Each activity reward also grants a large amount of silver coins. This should keep overall silver coin income consistent for players.

4.Enhance Chamber will now sell Dragonscales and Gollen Cast Iron for 1 million silver coins. Daily purchase limit is 2/day, but unused purchases can accumulate for up to 5 days.


VII. Equipment Evolution

1.The equipment evolution system now unlocks at level 20 instead of level 40.

2.The level cap for evolving equipment increases at the following character levels:

Character Level New Evolving Cap

35 30

40 50

45 80

50 100

Equipment which was already evolved past a player’s current evolution cap will not be

affected, but it won’t be evolvable again until requirements are met.


VIII. Other

1.Fixed a bug where double-clicking on certain main interface images could cause display issues.

2.Elder Daven, Chief of Whiterose Village, has acquired a new batch of Breaths of Depry. He is willing to trade them in exchange for Floating Flames.

3.Fixed a bug in Cave of Eternity where players could keep a buff acquired after leaving the team.

4.Fixed a bug in Cave of Eternity Preset Mode where attributes might not switch when talents are changed.

5.Adjusted the upper limit for upgrading emerged Divine equipment to be consistent with Legendary equipment.

6.Cross-server matchmaking has been adjusted to improve balance.

7.Decreased the difficulty of Peak and Psychotic difficulty Mystica by decreasing boss HP.

8.Increased weekly gold and item Blessing limits, and changed the minimum character level for receiving Blessings to 35.

9.Lucky Ticket gifting is now limited to 2/day, and receiving is capped at 5/day.

10.The Council of Light and Reavedge Village Reputation Shops will now have their stock distinguish between necklace and bracelet slot items.

11.A preview of received items will now display during the second confirmation for decomposing most rare items.

12.Lord Invasion, Casual Arena, and three other events have been moved to the Daily Events panel for players’ convenience.

13.Optimized the skills panel, to show skill levels and whether or not skills are equipped.

14.Inscription system is now unlocked at level 45.

15.In order to prevent players from accidentally touching the real-time voice button, we moved the real-time voice function to the "gear" button in the lower left corner.

16.Real-time faction voice chat button has been moved In order to make it easier for players to use.

17.The voice chat button requires a double-tap/click to use in battle. This should help avoid In order to resolve an issue where players mistouch would unintentionally tap/click the button to enter voice chat mid-battle, it increases the function of double-clicking the button to enter the voice in the battle.

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