Level 1 Heroes with high level gear have insane resistance

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It is getting quite absurd that level 1 heroes with high level gear have more resistance than a max level 90 hero and are getting more difficult to defeat.  The point of the game is to level heroes and higher level heroes should be stronger.

I have a few suggestions that could easily resolve this.

1)  The equipment stats is equal to the hero level. 

  • If the hero level is 1 and the equipment level is 80 then the hero only receives stats as if the equipment was level 1.
  • If the same gear is equipped on a level 78 hero then the gear level would be 78.
  • If the hero was level 90 then the hero would receive the max stats of the level 80 gear.


2) Tier and cap the resistance by levels.  

  • My level 88 Rhag with 24,044 armor and spell resistance has a 71.73% resistance respectively.
  • I would expect any lower level Rhag with the same equipment to not have a higher resistance %.
  • Example:
  • Level 80 and below the max resistance percentage 70%
  • Level 70 and below the max resistance percentage 65%
  • Level 65 and below the max resistance percentage 60%

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