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Patch Notes for December 13

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Patch Notes for December 13
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Added Functionality
  • Character Delete. You can now delete unwanted characters! Please note that this process will not free up the name, you will need to use a renaming card to do so. If you wish to take the name you will need to rename the character before deleting the character.
Store changes
  • Price change for Masterchef's Banquet, it is now 98 crystals in the item mall and 170 with the Koala Merchant.
  • Dream Giftbox added back in the Item Mall at 98 Crystals with no purchase limitation.
Bug Fixes
  • We have deployed a number of fixes addressing the android crashing issue. If you are still experiencing crashes please continue to report them to our support team here
  • Gears of War can now be completed when above level 45.
  • Champion Trials will no longer be an option when forming teams.
  • Survival Mode now displays Daily Times instead of Weekday.

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