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Patch Notes for December 6

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Shadows of Sardar

Welcome to Crusaders of Light’s December Update, Shadows of Sardar. Here are some of the new features and changes to the game:

New Zone: Sardar Highlands

Players will be able to explore a new area, Sardar Highlands. Ripe with new adventures and beautiful landscapes, Sardar Highlands increases the landmass of Crusaders of Light by 33%.

New Reputation: Ironfist Tavern

Kickback and relax at the Ironfist Tavern, just don’t pick a fight with the bartender! Once you reach level 55 you can begin the [Sad Old Man] quest After completing a series of tasks, you can unlock the Ironfist Tavern Reputation

One of the new skills will require Worship level Ironfist Tavern reputation. 

Fishing and Cooking recipes will be available, but the skills will not be until a later update.

New World Event: Rift of Demons

Demons are tearing through the rifts to invade Milura in Sardar Highlands. Gather a group of friends (minimum 3) to repel them and send them back to whence they came!  You can do this even three times a day. You can earn valuable Stones for crafting, Gems, and maybe even one of the Five Sacred Relics.

New Activity: Lord Invasion  

Elemental Lords have been updated. Each lord will bring new challenges that can be countered with the appropriate star circle.

New UI option: 10 skill mode

You can now choose to use more skills in the UI if you wish. To do this, simply go to your settings and turn on the 10 skill option. 

Level Cap Increase

When a server has cleared Heroic Burning Skyblaze Village, everyone on that server will receive an in game mail notifying them as such. Please note- you do not personally need to clear the team raid, only one group on your server has to clear the team raid. Once the raid has been cleared, and the mail has been sent, you will be able to level to 55. 

New Skills

Each class will have 2 new skills after they reach level cap has been increased on their servers. Players can learn these skills at level 46 and 51 by consuming skill books. One of the books will be earned by completing all quests in Sardar Highlands, the other one can be bought after achieving Worship Reputation level with Ironfist . 3 new runes will also be added for each class, which will be used to enhance these 2 skills. They will be unlocked at level 55. Upgrading new runes will consume new Phantom Rune and Phantom Essence that can be earned in Mystica Dungeons.


  • Fortitude- Decrease damage taken by 40%
  • War Horn- Increases the amount of damage critical strikes do for yourself



  • Deadly Trap- Places an invisible trap only visible to you. Any enemy that walks over it will become stunned and take damage over time
  • Star Rain- Summon stars to fall multiple times, ends with a large void star causing area damage and a stun.



  • Arcane Contract- Revive a fallen companion during combat. Using this skill will trigger the cooldown of the skill for all other mystics in your team
  • Intoxication- The target falls asleep and will be unable to move, the effect breaks on damage.



  • Light Perfusion- Grants a haste effect to the target
  • Protected Physique- Heals the target, ignoring any healing reduction effect. Can be used while stunned or feared


Raids Defeated Progress System
You can see your server’s progress in Team Raids defeated now. This will help you see what level of Mystica dungeon is open.

New Raid Difficulties: Mystica

Mystica level dungeons will be available. Revisit your favorite old raids: Scar Plains, Dire Galleon, Ancestral Altar, or Goblint Camp with a whole new level of challenges. The progression for these dungeons are the same as Elemental Lords, 3 levels for each of Normal, Hard, Torture, Nightmare, and Hell. You will need to clear each in order to advance. For every level you defeat you will receive better and better rewards.

Each level of difficulty is gated behind a team raid your server needs progress through to clear as well as talent level requirements. Server progression is based on the number of players who have cleared the raid.


Server Progress

Talent Level Requirement

Maximum Item level Drop


Normal Everlush/Chimeria





Normal Everlush/Chimeria





Normal Burning Skyblaze Village





Heroic Everlush/Chimeria





Heroic Burning Skyblaze Village




Each raid will have some specific drops:




Scar Plains


Dire Galleon


Ancestral Altar


Goblint Camp



New Team Raid: Core of Rock Essence

The new 7-10 person raid is available to players whose skill level reached 50 and talent level 60. This does not share any loot drops with other Team Raids.

Legendary and Divine Gear level increase

Legendary and Divine Gear can continue to be upgraded after completing the quest [Demonic Influence]

Upgrading legendary items even more give it a more unique appearance

Windwhisper Survival

New quests will now unlock when your reputation with Survival Camp has increased. Players can receive the rewards directly at the Windwhisper Survival interface after completing the quests.

Some weekly quests now include completing Windwhisper Survival 5, 10, and 20 times, as well as killing 5, 8, and 15 enemies and ranking once in the top 10%. 

  • Blessed Arrow no longer slows in Whindwhisper Survival
  • You can now chat in world chat channels
  • Map UI improvements.
  • Dismantle Button has been removed so it is easier to discard items.


Class Adjustments



  • Mana cost reduced. 
  • Damage Increased by 30%


Razor Wind

  • Damage increased by 30%



  • Starblade Volley Damage increased


Combat UI

Blind effect status can now be seen.

Character related changes:

Star Circle

  • The Elemental Arcane can now be completed with any level Elemental Lords or Agitated Elementals.
  • Make an Astrology Instrument quest can be completed without a group of 5.
  • Flowers of Torannis can now be used to redeem Star Circle of Flourish
  • Star Shavings can be dismantled and players will receive 100,000 Silver each.



Maximum amount of materials that can drop for monsters have been increased, the new cap for Leather is 50.

Experience requirements to level to 45 have been reduced

Team Raid Adjustments

Kothas Foundry
The damage range display of Handy Hammer’s Heat Surge was not accurate. It should now accurately reflect the damage range of the fire.

Burning Skyblaze Village
“Scripture set” and “Plague Infection set” will be D4 set.

Heroic Skyblaze Village boss difficulty for B’lique, Baatimius, and Pulrik have been adjusted.

Guild Event Adjustments

Guild Goblints no longer have a level requirement and have been adjusted to be the average level of the team.

New Control Mode Option:

We added a new control mode called PC mode. When this mode is turned on and you are in combat, pressing the back button during battle will have you walk backwards without changing facing. If you are not in combat you will turn around.

Champion Trials end

Store and Item Mall changes:

  • Masterchef’s Banquet may now be purchased which may contain Hashi’s ride and even flowers of Torannis.
  • Koala Merchant Update: Masterchef’s Banquet, Autumn Harvest Box, and the New Chocolate Brownie Shop.  Autumn Harvest Box has a new cat costume in it!
  • Sardar Rebate Rewards: New 2-player Blossom Swing added.
  • The spending Crystals of sending gifts and Luck Draw will also be counted for daily rebate rewards.
  • 5 Minute Online reward is now the Song of Sardar Box, which includes 1 Lucky Ticket and 5 Prosperius’ gifts.
  • Change the reward requirements of “5 times winning per week” to “participant in the battle 10 times per week” in Aldorr Coliseum. 
  • Add Star Circle of Swiftness, Star Circle Roar, and Aldorr Phantasm Box, which can contain Honor Badges, Star Shavings, and Stardust Flowers to Coliseum store.  
  • Amount of Silver for dismantling 5 Sacred Relics has increased:


Heart of Demon - 150,000
The Dragon’s Breath - 100,000
Book of Curses - 1,000,000
Elf Jewel - 250,000
Tears of the Moon - 1,500,000


  • Lucky Draw has been refreshed. Chill out with the new Ice Cream Cone!
  • Holy Light Souvenirs will no longer have a chance to drop. You may now earn Fried Steaks that you can use at Cook Berlock Casseron’s in Reavedge Village exchange Fried Steak for Luxury French Cuisine, which has chance to get legendary equipment. 
  • Starlight Wishing Bottle has been added to the game, you can obtain Star Shavings and Stardust Flower from it..
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