Who is the real JudioGigante?

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A development in the Eternal Glitch has evolved in the PVP lobby. Players are being hijacked by an unknown, afk entity named JudioGigante. Just as a match is found, one player gets stuck in the lobby and is replaced by this entity. The player is then stuck until the end of the match. This was pretty seldom at first, but recent reports suggest this phenomena is becoming more aggressive. 

Hematock, a local toon, spoke out about it in NetEase gazette saying, "This perpetrator has crossed the line between a prank and outright terrorizing young players. This will no longer be tolerated". In response, Cerberus and the Black Dragon have started tracking the scent trail of this JudioGigante. So far they have only tracked down a rare item near the Stormforge Hold.

Many have speculated as to the origin and nature of JudioGigante, even to the point of suggesting it is a conspiracy by the devs to dissuade players from this game in an effort to kill it and turn off the servers. But most speculate it is a bot created by a crafty independent player named Five's. Five's has been known to create devious bots in chat groups and on bathroom stalls, causing entertaining chaos to other players. With each bot, so the rumors grow. 

As to history of JudioGigante's past, very little is known. Viola has confirmed she had met him/her online a few times and agreed to a blind date back in her early days of Jr college Pit Fight, but she was stood up at the last minute. No contact was ever made again. Also, court documents have been found for the adoption of one Judio-ito, age 7 by Hibernus and Antinah (now divorced). Judio-ito dissapeared 2 yrs after adoption and was suspected of running with a gang led by Loshod. But by then, Judio would have grown to the Gigante size he/she is now.

In game help workers Nikki, Vivan, and Mary have offered very little help except to suggest "It is recommended that you turn off the game and reload while standing on your head in hopes that the devs will soon find their solution". 

As for now, the citizens and players of Eternal Glitch ponder who is the real JudioGigante? What does this person want? When will the villainy end? What are the other 2 common manors for?

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i think he came from US secret labs, when they make experiments and secret weapons to fight Russians.

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