Patch Notes for November 8

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The following changes will be in the game after server maintenance.


Windwhisper Survival

Windwhisper Survival is a test of your will. This test, provided to the champions of Milura, will pit you against other champions in an ultimate challenge. The Wind Talkers are a group known for their abilities to survive and wish to test your resolve and teach you the ways of their ancestors. The longer you survive, the better your rewards. Outstanding solo survival skills as well as proper teamwork will be essential to survival.

Windwhisper Survival is a new event for players to enjoy a player vs player environment in an exciting and challenging way. Here are the rules:

  • All heroes will have the same attributes
  • Players will be sent to various areas of the testing grounds where they will need to find items and survive off the land. 
  • Registration for this event will be open from 00:05 to 23:30 server time. There will be no limit to the number of times you can participate. 
  • You may register individually or as a team, you may not join or leave a team during the survival.
  • Poison mists will be released as the test continues to reduce the size of the survival area. Staying in the poison will reduce health.
  • The last survivor will be declared the winner. In the event there is not a last survivor or surviving team the winner will be determined by the performance during the test.
  • Fleeing during the test will be counted as a failure.
  • There will be a maximum of 50 players in one survival.


There will be items scattered around the survival area for you to discover and use. Each item will provide you an advantage:

  • Tunic: Increases health
  • Breeches: Increases dodge
  • Helmet: Increases critical chance
  • Weapons: There are various weapons to find as well, each weapon will have a unique ability that will require mana.
  • Potions and mounts can also be found to help improve your chances of survival.

Your ranking will be according to when you are eliminated in the battle. The sooner you get eliminated, the lower your ranking will be. In solo matching, the top 35 placements will receive rewards while in team matching it will be the top 15.  The Wind Talkers will issue rewards and points according to the rankings. Placing higher on the rankings will obtain better rewards and reputation. You will only be rewarded for the first two survival tests, but you may increase in reputation as many times as you like up to 7. Increasing your reputation will earn you unique titles and bonuses. Every 3 months the season will end and everyone will have their bonus attributes, titles, and reputation reset.

New Raid: Kothas Foundry

Kill Bosses in Kothas Foundry to get a chance to receive new sets: “Hatred Power” and “Thoroughly Tampered” This raid will be available every day and resets on Friday

Handy Hammer

Hatred Power 2-Piece Set: Has a chance to summon a Vortex of Spite under the target's feet if a normal attack inflicts a critical hit, dealing an Imprisonment effect for 3 seconds and continuous damage for 5 seconds to the target. 
Hatred Power 3-Piece Set: Cooldown for potions -20% and Crit rate +2%. 
Hatred Power 4-Piece Set: Triggers one extra Vortex of Spite when using potions, and allows a teammate who has activated a Thoroughly Tampered 3-Piece Set effect or you to summon Handy's Hammer to the target's position. 

Leray Kothas

Thoroughly Tampered 2-Piece Set: HP +500 points and Evade rate +2%. 
Thoroughly Tampered 3-Piece Set: Summons one Handy's Hammer at target's position when you or a teammate activates Vortex of Spite yourselves, either hammering a target violently after a short charge, or dealing area damage if the target is missed.
Thoroughly Tampered 4-Piece Set: Handy's Hammer will deal double damage when hitting the target affected by Hatred Power. 


One of the many requests we’ve heard since the beginning, a way to customize your character. We have now introduced a transmog system. You can now change your appearance. Mix and match to not only be the most powerful hero in Milura, but also the most fashionable! 

Each piece will have a prerequisite to fulfill so you’ll have to earn your way to being Milura’s next top model. 

Halloween Events Ended

14 days bonus gold drop in Scar Plains has now ended.
14 days log in weeks of treats reward ended. The 7 days log in reward will be reopened afterward with saved player progression

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