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New Guild War Info

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Here's the info on the new guild war. Let me know if you guys have any questions.


Guild War will take place on the Land of Immortality where Leander, the God King fought Padrino, the Dark Lord.
Each guild will be randomly chosen to play the Light side of Leander or the Dark side of Padrino.


-Each Guild War Season lasts for a week with 2 Rounds.
-In each Round, guilds will be matched to fight against another guild.
-When a Guild War Season ends, Guild War Awards will be distributed to players who joined, according to Guild War Result and Activity.
-Guilds that participated will receive extra rewards according to Guild Ranking when Season ends. Guilds that did not participate in Guild War will get a Rating Decrease.

Guild War Awards

1.Basic Awards
When the Season ends, members who joined in the Guild War will receive Basic Awards according to the Wins earned by their guild.
# 2 Wins, 2000 Contribution
# 1 Wins, 1200 Contribution
# 0 Wins, 500 Contribution

2.Activity Awards
-When the Season ends, members who joined in the Guild War can receive extra Activity Awards according to their Activity in the war.
-Activity is acquired through Guarding during Preparation Phase or Attacking during Battle Phase.
-Contribution acquired from Activity Awards each Season has a cap of 6000.

3.Ranking Awards
-Guilds that participated will get a Ranking when Guild War is over.
-All members from Guilds with Ranking 1 to 10 will able to receive extra Ranking Awards, from 500 to 1500 Contribution, regardless if they joined the Guild War or not.
-Top 3 ranked Guilds will become eligible to capture 3 successive manors.

Sign Up Phase

-Leader or Officers can sign up for Guild War between Monday 00:00 and Wednesday 24:00 (#U).
-15 – 25 members who have more than 6 heroes need to be selected to sign up for Guild War.
-Members who join the Guild after signing up for Guild War can’t be selected in the current Season. -Members selected after signing up for Guild War can’t leave the guild until this Season ends.
-There will be no wars without signing up. Guilds that did not participate will get a Rating Decrease when the Season ends.

Matching Phase

-Matching Phase is between 00:00 and 01:00 (#U).
-System will match participating guilds to an opponent during Matching Phase.
-Usually, a guild won’t be matched against the guilds it fought during the last participated Guild War.
-If the number of participated guilds is odd, a guild will get a Bye.

Preparation Phase

-Preparation Phase is between 01:00 and 19:00 (#U).
-Participating members can assign teams to guard their nodes. Each node can be guarded by one team at a time.
-Guild Leader and Officers can assign each team from participating Guild War members.
-Opponent Guild’s guarding status is unavailable during Preparation Phase.
-Sacred Relics in the middle can’t be guarded during Preparation Phase, but it can be taken as soon as the Battle Phase begins.
-Vacant nodes which have no guards can easily be taken during Battle Phase.

Battle Phase

-Battle Phase is between 19:00 and 21:00 (#U).
-Members (Leader or Officers as well) can assign their teams to attack the opponent nodes. Each attack costs 1 Immortal Crystal. Only nodes that can be accessed through ally routes from Base (Keep of Light or Dark Portal) can be able to be attacked.
-Nodes in Combat can’t be attacked.
-Heroes’ Health and Skill Cooldowns remain after each combat. Fallen and Guarding teams can’t be assigned again.
-Each team can be revived once during each Round of Guild War, with a cost of 2 Immortal Crystals. -Revived teams can’t be modified.
-The combat will be same as Duel with a 2 minute limit. If time runs out, the Defender wins. The Attacker can control his team manually if he wants.
-Each player gets 2 Immortal Crystals when the Battle Phase begins. Immortal Crystals can be obtained over time. The 1st extra Immortal Crystal comes 30 minutes after Battle begins, the later ones come in every 20 minutes later.
-Each player can cost Diamonds to unseal at most 5 Sealed Crystals.
-Players can own at most 5 Immortal Crystals at the same time.

Publishing Phase

-Publishing Phase is Thursday 21:00 - Saturday 24:00 and Sunday 21:00 – 24:00 (#U).
-There will be no wars during Publishing Phase. Players can view stats of the last Round of Guild War.

Rules of Victory and Rating Calculation

-Each node has different number of Immortal Debris, which will be called SCORE for short.
-When Battle ends, total SCORE will be calculated according to nodes taken by each side. The side with higher SCORE wins.
-When Battle ends, vacant nodes will be randomly allocated to both sides.
-Guild Rating is calculated according to ELO System.


1.During Guild War, members can obtain Activity through different actions.

-Attack: 3 Activities, obtained when team assigned to guard during Preparation Phase.
-Guard: 2 Activities, obtained when team assigned to attack a node during Battle Phase.
-Conquer: 2 Activities, obtained when team successfully take down a node during Battle Phase.
-Repel: 2 Activities, obtained when team successfully repel an enemy when guarding a node during
Battle Phase.

2.When Leader or Officers assign other members’ team to guard or attack, the Activities still belong to the team’s owner.

3.Player’s Activity will be cleared when he leaves guild.

Team Management

-A guild war team can be made up with 3 heroes and 3 runes.
-A team won’t be valid without 3 heroes in.
-All current teams need to be valid before creating a new one.
-Each player can have at most 10 teams.
-Only Valid teams can be assigned to guard or attack.

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