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Patch Notes for October 25

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Crusaders of Light October 25 update: Arrival of the Paladin

  • New class: Paladin

Hayes, the Archbishop, proposed to establish the Knights of Dawn to protect Milura. For hundreds of years, the Paladins used the power of Holy Light to contain the demon invasion, making an important contribution to safeguard the peace and prosperity in Sardar Highlands.

The Paladin is a melee class can take on the role of Tank and DPS, while at the same time providing limited healing. The three paths are:

  • Templar: Defenders who accept a Holy Blessing can use holy spells to provide protection for themselves and allies. 
    • Path Skill - Shield of Sanctity: absorbs damage and heals when its effect wears off.


  • Paladin of Dawn: The keeper of justice who uses blades and scared magic to defend the authority of the Holy Light. 
    • Path Skill - Well of Light:  emits a large amount of Holy Light power after a short charge to save allies and punish enemies.


  • Paladin of Daylight: Devotees of the Holy Light, who have the ability to control time temporarily.
    • Path Skill – River of Time: silences enemies and draws them to you.


  • New Challenges, Heroic Baatimius and Heroic Pulrik unlocked.

Heroic Skyblaze Village now has 4 bosses. Baatimius and Pulrik await!

Heroic Baatimius and Pulrik have these characteristics:

  • 10% Crit Chance
  • 10% Dodge
  • 15% Parry and Spell Resist
  • 30% Accuracy and Spell Penetration
  • 25% Hit and Spell Accuracy
  • 60% Crush rate


Heroic Baatimius has a chance to drop the D3 Set, “The Scripture” 

Attributes of D3 set - The Scripture:

  • 2-Piece Set - The Scripture: When you call your own name bravely, it will remove Fear, Slow Down and Healing Reduction effects. Only can be triggered once in every 2 minutes.
  • 3-Piece Set - The Scripture: When removing Fear, Slow Down and Healing Reduction effects successfully, you will recover HP constantly.


Heroic Pulrik has a chance to drop the D3 Set “Plague Infection”

Attributes of D3 set – Plague Infection:

  • 2-Piece Set-Plague Infection: Have low possibility to produce a Plague Pool under feet when taking damage. Standing in Plague Pool will recover HP constantly.
  • 3-Piece Set-Plague Infection: Shield increases by 20% when standing in Plague Pool. 


  • New system: Star Circle 


At Path Level 50 you will be given a series of quests to unlock the power of the Star Circle, and your first Circle Path. There will be more to discover and empower in the future. 

For a team or 10 person squad, the effects of the active star circle will be shared with everyone if the active Star Circle is the leader. If the active Star Circle is not the leader, the active buff only applies to that person.. In a 40 person squad there will be 1 person in each 10 person group that can have their Star Circle activated as a buff for their group. 


  • Halloween Event: Weeks of Treats, Demon Bounty!


To celebrate our new class Paladin and Halloween Festival, we will have 14 Days of the event: “Weeks of Treats” ! Starting from Oct. 25, log in every day to get tasty rewards, including FREE CRYSTALS and Bonus Gold in Scar Plains (normal)!

  • New monthly rebate: Rise of the Paladins


To welcome our new Paladin class, we added new monthly rebate "Rise of the Paladins". Players can even get the new mount “Celestial Swing Set” as a rebate bonus! 

  • New Costume

A new sellable costume “Summer Firefly” which can be acquired from the newly added True Love Box. Moreover, the Dreamy Rose that expresses love is also in the True Love Box, which can be collected to exchange for a no-sale version of the  “Summer Firefly” costume.

  • New Lucky Draw Items


We have added new items in the Lucky Draw and replaced some old ones.

The Shield of Glory is a new decorative item you can acquire to celebrate the arrival of the paladins. A special Halloween Limited Edition Mount, “Hashi’s Ride” will be available as well. 

  • Improved Inspect system and new relevant achievements


You can now see rune pages as as part of the inspect feature. We’ve also added some relevant achievements for inspecting other players. Creepers.

  • Adjusted Quest System


We have reworked the questing system so that you may have more opportunities to explore the world of Milura. Now to find a quest you simply just need to tap on the mini map and select the quest icon (a scroll with a !) to accept and start the quest. You can search for quests you may have missed by selecting the horn icon on the lower right hand side. 

  • Return of the Champion Trials


To celebrate our new class Paladin and Halloween Festival, we’re also bringing back the Champion Trials as you’ve all been asking for!  From 10/25 to 11/29. You can get 2 free Lucky Tickets everyday if you complete the Champion Trials. 

  • Goblin Merchant UX improvement


Players can close the Goblin Merchant pop-up by clicking a X button on the left of it. It will be hidden in the top of the screen with a Goblin icon where player can reopen it after. This is a request we’ve heard and we are happy to be able to deliver on it!

  • Legendary and Divine Equipment Upgrades


The upgrade limit cap for legendary and divine items have been increased. Legendary items can now be upgraded  11 times and divine equipment can now be upgraded 8 times.

  • Friend Space now allows pictures to be uploaded


Players can upload images as profile picture in Friend Space. 

  • 4 more character slots


Everyone will get 4 new character slots. We are continuing work on a character delete option.

  • Other Changes


Fixed the stacking of bonuses for the Arcane Crystal set. 

Light Elf knowledge base improved.

Healing Reduction effect of all characters was decreased from 75% to 70%


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