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Aldorr Coliseum

Aldorr Council will open an event for Heroes to test their skills against each other, the Aldorr Coliseum.

Each day the Aldorr Coliseum will open at 10:00 to 23:50 server time. During which you can jump in and test your mettle as many times as you want. The Council will arrange for proper matches based on how well you perform. 

There are two types of matches for the Aldorr Coliseum, a 5v5 and a 3v3 mode. Both types of matches will use both of the maps. In the 5v5 format, players will be battling on even ground, gear, path, and runes will be all equal 

Aldorr Council has made some adjustments to PVP fights too. Heroes can have channel chats and friend chats, and use real-time voice normally after entering Coliseum. To reward the heroes who have actively participated in PVP fights, Aldorr Council has added some new achievements for them to explore. Divine Essence (Arcane) can be obtained by dismantling Divine equipment that are exchanged from PVP Store with medals cannot be exchanged for Legendary equipment, but only can be used to upgrade Deity equipment purchased from PVP Store.

Cross Server Battlefields DELAYED

Aldoor Colisuem, Surgewind Valley and Guardian Canyon will be cross server at a future date

Friends Space and Social

You can now add friends to this space to share status updates and say hi by knocking on the door to the friend’s space.

New feature - Friendship will be available. Friends can gain Friendship by adventuring together, exploring raids together and exchanging gifts. Detailed rules are as follows:
1) Friends can team up to join raids, group raids and Demon Invasion to increase Friendship by defeating bosses.
2) Friends can team up to join Irritable Elementals and Elemental Lords to increase Friendship by defeating Elemental monsters.
3) Friends can team up to join Guild Goblints and Trial Quests to increase Friendship by completing each segment.
4) Up to 100 points of Friendship can be obtained from raids and events every day.
5) Friendship can be increased by giving Chocolate and Roses to each other, without being restricted by the upper limit of 100 points.
6) Currently, the total upper limit of Friendship is 3,000 points, and Friendship will not be increased any more once this upper limit is reached.


PVP Adjustments

Damage and healing coefficients in PVP has been slightly reduced.

Adjustments to Equipment and Items


The experience of the equipment's upgrade panel has been improved too by replacing the list of consumed equipment for upgrading Legendary and Divine equipment with the list of corresponding sets, allowing heroes to view them more clearly.

Moreover, the new two-seated mount - Gilded Flying Carpet can now be exchanged from Claes' Store. Heroes who already have Gilded Flying Carpet Redeem Tickets can now exchange for the corresponding bestiary directly, while others can exchange with Popular Stars.

Item Sets

Two Hearts- this now clarifies as “increases basic attack”

Armillarion’s Poison

2-Piece Set: Damage increased to 33%

3-Piece Set bonus now deals continuous damage for 5 seconds after the poison bottle explodes

New D3 Sets

Torture Jewel

2-Piece Set: When a normal attack inflicts a critical hit, it may trigger an extra attack of shadow energy that deals damage for 6 seconds.

3-Piece set: 20% of the damage dealt by Torture Jewel is used to heal the most severely injured member of your team

Torture Jewel can appear on items dropped off of Heroic Burning Skyblaze’s B’lique.

Arcane Crystal

2-PIece Set: Each skill use has a chance to summon an arcane crystal. The crystal will attack enemies and heal allies depending on what the skill use. If the crystal was triggered when it was a damaging attack the crystal will attack the enemy, if it a healing skill triggered the crystal it will help heal allies.

3-Piece Set: The Arcane Crystal will now do AoE damage and AoE healing.

New Divine Equipment


Ancestor’s Soul

2-Piece Set: Reduces Flaming Sigil’s cooldown by 1 second

3-Piece Set: Reduces Blood Thirst, Gladiator Heart, and Death Gaze’s cooldown by 1 second when using Flaming Sigil.

4-Piece Set: Flaming Sigil will cause earthquakes, dealing continuous damage and causing a healing reduction effect.


Arcane Embrace

2-PIece Set: REduces Mystic Galaxy’s cooldown by 1 second

3-Piece set: Gain the Arcane Embrace effect by using Mystic Galaxy 4 times. Arcane Embrace deals damage to a random nearby enemy, lasts 5 seconds.

4-Piece Set: Arcane Embrace can now target an extra enemy. If there is only 1 target in range, the damage is doubled.


Wrath of Stars

2-Piece Set: Reduces Blessed Arrow’s cooldown by 1 second.

3-Piece Set: Roll can release a Stellar Aura. This aura can interrupt skills.

(where does the aura release? start or end point? Is there a duration?)

4-Piece Set: Using Blessed Arrow 4 times will trigger Wrath of Stars. Wrath of Stars will damage all nearby enemies. 

Set Swap Rules change

We’ve also adjusted some rules for set swap. Legendary Set attributes can now be swapped to Divine equipment and vice versa.

Torture Jewel and Arcane Crystal Sets are both D3 sets that can be used in upgrading Legendary and Divine equipment.

Rock, Fire, Secret, Flock, Samsara, and Endogeny have been changed to D1 sets from D0. Set swap rules for these are now as the D1 rules.

Badel's Destiny Set can only be triggered by active skills' shields, such as Mystic's Arcane Shield and Aurora, Warrior's Lava Quake and Gladiator Heart, and cannot be triggered by shields passively obtained from Promotions and runes, including Mystic's Reliability rune, Ranger's Stellar Blessing rune and other passive shields.

Class changes


Threat generation for Gladiator warriors have been increased.


Nobility is now “Increase Suppression’s Damage and Crit” instead of just Damage.

Wave is now Increases Spell Crit damage instead of just affecting Suppression only.


Starblade Volley of Ranger's Scout Path has been changed to "gain the Starblade Volley active class skill to release a starblade to deal damage to a target. There is a 25% chance to gain a Starblade Volley effect when using an active class skill. Up to two effects can be stacked, and each can use Starblade Volley to release an extra starblade.

Cooldown of Ranger's Scout Path Starblade Volley has been reduced to 8 seconds, and the casting animation has been optimized too.

Starblade Talent of Ranger's Scout Promotion can no longer reduce Starblade Volley's cooldown.

Raids and Team Raids Adjustments

Heroic Burning Skyblaze Village will unlock.

This is a 7-20 person raid. The Team Raid difficulty will adjust according to the number of players. The Bosses of Heroic Skyblaze Village will have the following attributes:

10% Crit

10% Dodge

15% Parry

15% Spell Resistance

15% Accuracy

15% Spell Penetration

110% Hit

60% Crushing on Normal attacks.

Ordeal Elemental Lords will also have the same attributes.  

Heroic Skyblaze Village can drop the new D3 Sets, Torture Jewel and Arcane Crystal. They can also drop Frosty Hearts, Blood of Titanus, Flowers of Torannis, and Fire Spirit.

There are also exclusive achievements and titles for the first or quickest to defeat the first two bosses of Heroic Burning Skyblaze Village.

All Heroic and Normal Team Raids have also been adjusted to have flexible difficulty.

Heroic versions of Scar Plains, Dire Galleon, Ancestral Altar, and Goblint Camp, Normal version of Chimeria, Everlush Valley, and Burning Skyblaze Village is now 7-10 players.

Heroic Chimeria and Everlush Valley now require 7-20 players.

Normal and Heroic Fort and Fortress of Desloation are now 20-40 people.

Heroic Ash Fort’s Arunas

Spear of Servant’s Damage to Bear Spirit Badel has been reduced by 33%

Duration of Bear Spirit’s Inspiration attack bonus has been increased to 15 seconds, up from 12 seconds.

Heroic Everlush Valley

Ashroot adjusted

Heroic Chimeria

Crystragos adjusted

Daily Events

Elemental Lords have been adjusted, Dread Blast Elemental Lords should no longer spawn in places that can’t be clicked.

Elemental Lord spawn rate increased.

Guild adjustments

We've also adjusted the Guild Hunt rules. The winning guild will no longer be decided according to the number of members of participating guilds, but according to the total damage to the lords - the guild with the highest damage will win. 

Guild officials can click the "Refresh" button on the guild application panel to view the latest applicants who have applied to this guild and haven't joined any other guild yet.


Other improvements

To allow players to better count their various currencies, "Currency Page" has been added to "Character - Attributes Panel" to display the number of various main currencies in test servers.

Quick Casting

Players on Facebook Gameroom can now use Quick Cast. Buff spells can now be cast on players by simply moving the mouse over the target and using your skill. 

Rune Treasure

We’ve heard you, Crusaders. There is now a Rune Elixir that will allow all players 35 and higher to reset their Rune Skills. Using a Rune Elixir will reset all your Rune Skills and return the materials in the form of tokens. These tokens will be used first when upgrading Rune Skills again. You can view detailed quantities under Skills- Rune Upgrade or Character- Attributes panels.

Inspect function

We've heard you again! Now you can Inspect other players by selecting them and tapping on the inspect button. You will be able to see someone's Gear, Path, and Runes.

New Cosmetic: Demon's Wings. 

You can now purchase demon's wings as a new cosmetic item for your character.

New Mount: Stormrage Gruder

Stormrage Gruder can be obtained by redeeming Festival Masks.

New Lucky draw

There will be new items in the Lucky Draw, including a pair of cosmetic devil wings!

Blacklist Feature

If you have encountered a player that has been harassing you, you can now add them to your own Blacklist. This player will no longer be able to message you.

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