Netease Gives The Finger to F2P Players

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First off I get it a company is out to make money...  but netease seems to be trying to cash in on EA before it dies altogether.  We used to have events where they would introduce new characters and you have to complete a series of quest and events and maybe spend 5-10 bucks to complete it if you didn't make out all quest each day.  Of course that gave you the bare bones lowest star character and you had to build it from there which also had potential of making a little more money from people wanting to level them faster.  Fast forward to now and they are creating meta almost unbeatable characters and even worst re-hashing elite characters cause to lazy to make new ones I guess.  But even crappier than that and just shows how they are being complete money grubbing a$$hats they make these new events completely impossible to finish and get a character unless you either 1. SPEND A NICE CHUNK OF CASH or 2. by chance having saved up 10-20k in diamonds and hopefully have enough to pretty much buy the new character.  I laughed when the one of the moderators of this forum told me in response to the Oya pay for the character event that they will re-run these events in the future so if the player cant get it this time then they will have another chance down the road HAHAHA so basically since they only have 1 event a month for the most part and no clue when it will repeat you would have to play most likely 4-6 months longer just to have an opportunity to MAYBE get them.  So essentially they are making the game PAY 2 WIN for the small about of time it has left at least at this rate cause even since the server merges my server is dying quick especially after the latest Rurik event cause people who bought him just pawnage everyone in arena to the point its just not fair.  Not saying he cant be beat but you get what im saying.  Netease needs to go back to the way it was before and give everyone a chance to be on the same playing field.  All this on top of they still have not addressed the issues of balancing the characters, the gold shortage problem, and glitches which all in all seems to point to exactly what I have been saying they don't give a crap and are throwing out several money grabs before it dies off and refuse to put any effort or even remotely attempt to listen to their player base to improve the game.

On a side note before ppl starting griping I am by no means a completely F2P player in fact I am top VIP rank from buying diamonds over the last year.  I have pulled countless draw 10's from the tavern (prob more than half the diamonds I have bought have went to that) and have yet to get a single rare character.  Of course for all of us that have done that we can take a long walk off a short pier and it counts for nothing.  There should be some kind of meter that fills up after so many draw 10's that gives you one of the rare characters.... but that's a whole different subject all together for a different post. 

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