Is EA dead?

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Am asking all who are playing EA whether the game is dead for you. Am losing players in our guilds all because they lost hope in the game. This is not a rant, just a simple question.

Lets hope Ocho or Brotocol can give us motivation with some developers future events. Up till now, we have had no clue.

PS: why does this forum not have a voting option?

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Heya Krak,

I think it's a fair for folks to want more information, and we're getting very close to releasing some news beyond just the standard "what's up this month" type stuff we normally do. It won't be this week, unfortunately other stuff needs to happen over the next couple of days, but next week should be very doable.  I'm starting to write up an outline now.


P.s. Forum voting is disabled for a lot of good reasons, I'm happy to go into them another time if you're particularly interested.

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yupp feels kind of dead-end, only same old money craving events and no fixes for same old bugs that been around since... and no real develop in the modes we already have, and no new once either. just same old auto chores which most getting sick and tired of.

had a few old guys return in my guild but they not impressed to what they return to so left already again.

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