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As a reminder, please be aware that the use of third party or out of game transactions is strictly prohibited. Violating our Terms of Service can include but are not limited to the following punishments:
1. Loss of items of currency
2. Temporary Suspension or Permanent Ban of the account.
As a reminder for Crusaders, using a third party or out of game transactions puts you at risk for the following
1. Password Security as well as other accounts being stolen.
2. Money exchange with 3rd parties may be involved in more nefarious schemes, putting you at legal risk
3. A Third party could just scam you 
4. Any issues occurring with a third party will not be assisted with from our support team.
Thus, we'd like to remind all players to never use any third party programs or contacts for any in game purchases. Here at NetEase Games we wish to provide a fair and fun environment for all of our games as well as protecting your account privacy. 
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