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Patch Notes for August 30

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Popular Star Vendor now available
  • Claes' store is now open for you to redeem your Popular stars! Go see what she has to offer!
  • Please take our survey in the settings panel!
  • The collect button after making a purchase from the Goblin Merchant should be more noticeable. 
Lucky Draw Update:
  • Added 3-day Ghost War Tiger (giftable) that can be purchased with 30 Delicate Flowers
  • Also replaced one of the Delicate Flower x 1 with Delicate Flower x 5
  • Added a 7-day Ghost War Tiger (giftable) to the Lucky Draw, replaces Karen City's Chant Garland Bestiary
Life Skills
  • The third tier ore is now called True Iron
Translation and minor bug fixes.
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