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Selling Items and Errors

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Hopefully I am not the only one with this issue...

Sometimes...not all the time when I put something up for sale I will not receive the listed amount for the item. For instance, I first noticed it when I sold to leafs of eternity. I listed both to be sold for 25k each. Doing the math that is 25 x 2 resulting in 50k. However, when I received the funds from my sale I received 47k something (some odd number). That is NOT 25k each. Is there something I'm missing? I know there is a listing fee of silver but am I being charged gold as well?!?!? This has happened on multiple occasions. It's really starting to bother me now because I put some mining materials in last night at the highest price, which is about 200 over the mid. "ALL" of my items sold. And the gold is just not adding up.


If I am wrong someone please inform me of what is going on. Thank you

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