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New Features
New Two-seated Mount - Flaming Gorghana
Flaming Gorghana, a new two-seated mount, is coming to Milura. Players that own Flaming Gorghana can invite a nearby teammates to ride with them. 

Gifting System
You can now gift each other certain items such as the Renaming Card, Potential Elixir and the Surgewind Boar Token.  

Equipment Swap Set Feature 
We've added a new feature called Swap. All qualified equipment can be swapped. If swapped, equipment set attributes can be exchanged with each other without changing basic attributes and additional attributes. This means you’ll keep your basic attribute bonuses but you can put your favorite set bonus on your strongest item.The rules for swapping Sets are as follows (L for Legendary, G for Divine, and D for Normal):

  • L/G/D1/D2/D3 equipment set attributes can be swapped to Common equipment.
  • L/D1/D2/D3 equipment set attributes can be swapped to Legendary equipment.
  • G/D1/D2/D3 equipment set attributes can be swapped to Divine equipment.
  • D0 equipment set attributes cannot be swapped.


Equipment will be labeled as D0, D1, D2, etc.

Training Piles
We’ve added some wood piles in Aerial Island for players to test their DPS.

Active Skill Cap Increase
Character skill level caps have been raised from 40 to 45. You need to be Character Level 45 to upgrade these skills.

Higher Upgrade Cap for Equipment
The upper limits for upgrading Legendary and Deity equipment have been increased. Legendary equipment can now be upgraded up to 9 times, and Deity equipment 6 times. The value of upgraded attributes will be further increased as well. 

In addition, Deity equipment's 6th upgrade will cost Deity Essence, which is obtained by dismantling Deity equipment. However, this is not available yet. 

Equipment Chamber
You can now purchase some set items from the Chamber of Commerce using courage medals, located in the medal store tab when you go to the Trading House.

Set Adjustments
The Armillarion's Poison, Noctisidious's Protection, and Electric Field sets have been changed to D3 grade.

Other Adjustments to Equipment

  • The bracelet blueprints purchased with Honor from the Faction Store now guarantee the Two Hearts set effect. This effect has been changed to "increase max ATK by 25% and reduce min ATK by 20%".
  • Mara's Power can dismantle powerful Divine equipment, producing Divine Essence for upgrading Divine equipment. Heroes can exchange 3 Divine Essence for 1 Frozen Legendary Essence from Yearnstar City's Estalde to upgrade Legendary equipment.
  • Blue and purple blueprints can now be dismantled into Silver.
  • The proc chance and hatred value for the Blade Counter set has been increased. To optimize Blade Counter set performance, the effect duration and the triggering intervals have been slightly increased without changing the total damage.
  • Lv. 40 unidentified Mystic equipment purchased from the Reputation Store can now be Grace Set once identified. 
  • HP Bonuses for Apocalypse 2-Piece and Heavenly Mandate 3-Piece sets have been raised to 500. 
  • Demon Lord Arunas has invaded Milura. Defeating Arunas will be the final challenge in the Pit of Desolation. A New D3 level set "Badel's Destiny" can be obtained by killing Heroic Arunas.


Class changes

  • The range of Aurora has been increased by 50%.
  • The maximum range of heals from the Nature's Blessing set has been significantly increased. Players with the lowest percentage of HP will be automatically selected.
  • Rune Upgrade: Reliability will additionally offer a damage bonus effect to normal attacks.
  • The rating of each Diamonds' "Healing" attribute has also been increased.
  • Rune Upgrade: Academic: During the duration of Virtue, Mystic Galaxy will heal an additional 2 targets with the lowest percentages of HP.


Starblade Volley: 

  • Cooldown is now 8 seconds, casting animation has been optimized
  • Now deals extra damage when target's HP is below 20%.
  • Each use of an active skill has a 25% chance to gain a charge of Starblade Volley. You can have up to two charges of Starblade Volley. 
  • Starblade also now increases the damage Starblade Volley does to targets below 20%


Forest Guide
Two-Stage Moonlight and Three-Stage Moonlight are now instant cast, you can also cast them when other skills are being cast.

The amount of dividends that can be claimed by guild officers have been increased, higher ranking in the guild means you can get more dividends.

EXP Adjustments

  • To help new players, the Gift from Karen City will be adjusted for lower level players to catch up faster. If your Path level is also a lower level, you will also be blessed with the Gift of Karen City
  • The Gift from Karen City will be affected by the total EXP gained as well. Gaining too much EXP on one character may disable this gift or cause an EXP penalty.
  • Players’ Path Levels are now capped at 5 above the server level. 

Daily Events Adjustments

  • Trial Quests and Supply Delivery Quests now reward more benefits and supplies. 
  • Jewelry Boxes will no longer be among the rewards which can be found using Light of Dawn. 
  • Extra essences can now be exchanged for Rune Stones.
  • Offerings to Ancient Gods can now be completed in Heroic mode dungeons as well.


Guild Battle Adjustments
To let each guild's commander better command their Guild Battle, team size is no longer limited to 5-person teams.

Team Raid Adjustments
The Heroic Chimeria and Everlush Valley raids have been changed to 10 - 20 person raids with flexible difficulty. The Team Raid’s difficulty will adapt to the number of players at the start of each Boss battle. The drops will also vary with the number of players. Heroic Chimeria and Everlush Valley's raid bosses have lower difficulties now. The drop rate for the Noctisidious and Armillarion sets has been increased, and Frosty Heart, Blood of Titanus, and Fire Spirit have been added to the list of guaranteed drop sets. Among them, Fire Spirit can be used to upgrade Legendary and Deity equipment.

The default animation for the Mara Befalling skill has been removed from battles against Pulrik. Heroes may choose to watch the animation or continue to fight in 3D battles as they wish. 

New Events
Champion Trials are a new event. You can complete these tasks via the adventure tab or by simply clicking the icons on the world map. These vary in difficulty so choose carefully!

The Rebates Event for Light Versus Shadow Preparation
Two new rebate options have been added to the Top-up Rebates event. Heroes that have reached a specified accumulated top-up amount can now claim rewards directly via the "Welfare - Top-up Rebates" panel.

New Achievements
Some new achievements, including some hidden achievements, have been added. Players have to find out for themselves what these hidden achievements are!

Other Changes

  • Altruism Medals can now also be obtained by helping other players complete the Elemental Leader event. 
  • Boss battle camera and PVP battle camera's on/off options have been added to the Settings panel. 
  • Fixed an issue on Facebook Gameroom where typing could sometimes unintentionally open maps, attack monsters, etc. 
  • Rules for Final Challenge, Glorious Championship, Guild Battle and Champion Showdown have been optimized. The winner is determined by most damage dealt before time runs out. 
  • Additionally, PVP targets can now be preferentially selected by the TAB button in PVP battles.
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Patch Notes Addendum


Raid rewards have been updated. 

  • You now only need to complete 3 raids to get the same amount of EXP as 6 raids.
  • You will also get twice the loot drops from the first 3 raids, so you do not need to do 6 raids to maximize your loot drops.





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