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Problem with costumes buyable from silk.

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I don't know if I should post this here but I guess I will because a lot of people agree to this.

Now, the amount of silk needed to get a 15 day costume was only 5 silk, and I agree is very minimal. However, boosting that up to 100 silk is in my opinion not a wise move. I know that they now include stats increases, but it's just not worth it anymore because:

I calculated how long it would take to get 100 silks without spending ingots which is the point of having silks for buying some costumes as some players can't afford 500 ingots just for a 15 day new look.

So, to get 100 silks (no ingots ofc) you will need to:

Do the 4 daily treasure map quests in order to get the treasure maps which will give you 4 silks per day. So, 100 / 4 = 25 days just to get a 15 day costume. And if you're looking at getting a 30 day costume; 180 / 4 = 45 days which is wayyyy to long to get a temporary costume which give you mediocre stats.

Apart from that, if you choose to actually use ingots for silk, disregarding the fact that you can buy costumes with ingots, you will need to:

Again, do the 4 daily treasure quests which will give you 4 silks and buy the 3 limited treasure maps from the shop which is in total 180 ingots spent from one day. Therefore, to get a 15 day costume; 100 silks / (4+3 silk from treasure maps) = 14 days + (180 ingots x 14) = 2,520 ingots which is not even worth thinking about. And if you're looking at getting a 30 day costume; (4+3 silk from treasure maps) / 180 = 25 days + (180 ingots x 25) = 4,500 ingots lol.

This can easily be solved by just reduce the amount of silk needed for costumes to a reasonable amount. I'd say around 30 silk for a 15 day and 50 silk for a 30 day.


Thanks and I really hope you take this into consideration.

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