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Patch Notes for August 2

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UI Improvements

  • You can now see Path levels in the team up UI.
  • Out of Treasure Hunt Lucky Ticket draws? Now you'll receive a prompt to purchase them if you want more.


Naming Rule Changes

  • There are now new rules for naming your character:
    • Character limit: 3-12 characters
    • English characters and number only
    • You cannot have a name with just numbers
    • No spaces or any special characters are allowed
    • You do not need to capitalize the first letter
    • Capital letters and lowercase won't be distinguished. For example: airbag, Airbag, AIRBAG, aiRbAg is considered the same name (not 4 different ones) and only one person per server can have it.



  • There are now 2 heroic dungeons for players to play each week.



  • More translation issues have been fixed.
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