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In this guide I will list all the currently available items purchasable with Crystal, and whether I think they are worth it or not. As such, this is a personal list and of course you can buy anything you want. This is meant for people who do not buy large amounts of crystals and want to make informed purchases.

You cannot edit your posts in this forum. So any information that is outdated will be updated in subsequent forum posts. All this information is valid as of 2nd of August, 2017. If you want to see the up-to-date guide please visit the Reddit thread.

Crystal purchases

Item name Cost Purchase? Why?
Dream Giftbox 120 crystal Not recommended You get 100k silver, small amount of badges and a 5-25% chance of "basic" mount (numbers based on ~20 boxes opened). The change to get a Keeper mount is extremely low (my guess is 1-5%). Not recommended for purchase unless you have highly disposable income.
Novice Beginning Box 38 crystal NEVER buy Horrible newbie-trap. 1k gold buys you nothing of value at that level, and the level 10 epics you get are replaced in one or two days. NEVER buy.
Mystery Ore Bag 168 crystal Do not buy The odds of getting something good is terribly low, and at worst you only get 1 shadow crystal, 50 reputation and few M silver. Terribly expensive.
Commander Standard Token 998 crystal Acceptable for the rich Cosmetic item for the rich. If you are new and/or do not want to spend 100$ for a banner, skip this.
Lucky ticket 48 crystal Not recommended Highly volatile item. The system pushes you to purchase more. I got the rabbit mount on my level 10 alt at first try, while my main has 40+ luck with no rare drops. NOT RECOMMENDED for the gamble addicts, this thing will eat your wallet.
Pouch of Gems 368 crystal NEVER buy The most overpriced item in terms of what you get. You can buy rare gems for 1.6m silver from the regular shop, or craft an epic for 9.6m. At best this is a 12.8m silver item, at worst it will give you two useless gems that are sold back for 3.2m. Even in the best case scenario, you are FAR better off by selling your gems (368x600g per gem currently=220800 gold) and converting it into 22m silver that you can CHOOSE how to spend. (Although I would not recommend doing this either. Gold is harder to come by)
Gem Box 48 crystal NEVER buy Same as above. A level 20 gem is very cheap to buy with silver already. Never buy this item.
Army provisions pack 10 crystal Not recommended Sure 10 crystal sounds little, but you only get 50k silver and a measly 500g. No clue what the "mystery gift" is, but judging by the trend of random gatcha's, I bet it is like 10 potions and food or something like that. Save your crystal for something else.
Renaming Card 480 crystal Buy if you must So you went ahead and named your character xx420_JOHN2002_Xx and realize you cannot delete your existing characters and out of a character spot? Well, you will need this card then, no other way around.
6x Regular Mounts 198 crystal Not recommended If you have crystals to burn for non-epic mounts, you are better off buying the Goblin deal with the random mount crate. If for some reason you cannot make reallife purchases and buy your crystals via gold, then by all means go ahead and purchase them.
2 x Epic Mounts 998 crystal Acceptable for the rich If you can spare 100$ for mounts, then you really should not be reading this. Do what you want with your money my friend!
Wind Chaser Strong Reins, Exotic Mount Saddle 48 and 498 crystal Acceptable for the rich Perhaps you got the other 14 Rein pieces from random events and you are looking for the remaining ones. In this case these are for you! For anyone that is not rich, buying a new mount from scratch with these means hundreds of dollars.
Northland Garrison Pack 98 crystal Not recommended 1k gold, random gold+silver for 10$? Hell no. Again, you are better off with selling your crystals if needed.
Five Sacred Relics Pack, Ters of the Moon, Book of Curses 498, 298, 198 crystal ??? Gives you Light of Dawn. According to Woozle Gaming youtuber, who got only 2 feathers, Light of Dawn is not worth it. More information is needed.
Super Essence Chest 498 crystal Depends on the player Arguably quite expensive. Doing elemental dailies and dismantling gear will give you few essences, as well as dailies. Purchasing this only speeds up leveling process, so it is a personal choice.
Reforge Pack 998 crystal Do not buy unless starving for Magic Stones You will need Regalian's Magic Stones as you get higher level epics, but 100$ for 100 stones is honestly kind of absurd; it means 1-2$ for one reroll. You have a chance of getting 20/50 stones from hourly login boxes, as well as just simply playing the game.
Stone of Earth Pack 198 crystal Do not buy 198 crystal sells for 118K gold, which can buy you 118 Stones of Earth. But you really should be buying Stone of Earth with your Altruism Medals (under Medal Store > Altruism Medal).


This looks like a pessimistic list. Note that i calculated everything in a vacuum, so this doesn't mean you should not spend any money. This guide is written so that you can manage your expectations better. I personally feel that the prices are a little bit too high. Some may argue that this is done so that the game is not Pay to Win. Indeed, paying 100-200$ will get you close to absolutely nothing in terms of power. You will need to spend thousands to get any significant advantage.

So if you like this game and want to support the devs for future content, by all means go and buy crystals, I highly encourage you to do that. I have already spent about 100-150$ myself and I have no regrets. Just be wise about what you buy ingame. My recommendation is spending them on purely guaranteed cosmetic stuff. This way you do not feel "robbed" if you end up with basically nothing.

In the following part I will be focusing on Silver, Gold and Medal purchases.

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Part 2, Silver, Gold and Medal purchases

In this second part I will be telling you what I think is the best way to spend your hard earned currency. Again, due to how the forums work, one cannot edit their own post. Please see the Reddit thread for the most up-to-date information. All the information here is valid as of 2nd of August, 2017.

Shop Item Cost Purchase? Why?
Gem Store Level 20, 30, 40 gems (normal and rare) 50k-1.6m silver Yes The only reliable way to purchase gems. As far as I can tell, there is no way to upgrade the level of the gems (you can't level up a level 20 gem into a level 30). Since gems can be dismantled for 100% of their original price, feel free to buy and dismantle them once you move to a higher level!
Altruism Medal A Pouch of Silver 20 medals No This item nets small amount of silver. Your medals are better spent somewhere else.
Altruism Medal Regalian's Magic Stone 100 medals Not recommended Useful item, but honestly unless you are capped with medals & stones, 100 medals is a bit too much for an item you get plenty of by daily activities.
Altruism Medal Extract Chest 300 medals Never buy 5 rune essences for 300 medals? Holy scam! Do Elemental dailies if you need essences, 300 is way too overpriced.
Altruism Medal Magellena Emblems 500 medals Never buy You can buy these medals for either 200k silver, or 1000 Guild Emblem. Either way is a better option. You also get 2-6 Emblems each week by completing the 30 Guild Quests.
Altruism Medal Stones 100 medals YES! The best way to spend your medals is buying Stones. These stones are used in crafting and help increase item stats + chance of forging into epic items.
Materials Extract Chest 100k silver Not recommended At the time 100k silver means nothing to you, you probably have a vast collection of essences. If silver is short, do not buy this item.
Materials Rune Chest 500k silver NEVER buy Holy scam #2! Seriously, use your silver for making epic gems. Not this.
Materials Large Essence Chest 10k gold No 10k gold can be put to better uses.
Materials Large Rune Chest 50k gold No 50k gold can be put to better uses.
Materials Regalian's Magic Stone 1k gold Depends Depends on if you are swimming in gold or not. Probably not when you get your first epic level 20. Also, never roll sub-35 items. 35-40 epics can be rerolled if they are either set items, or S/A grade epics that rolled badly when you received them.
Materials Elf Jewel, Heart of a Demon, The Dragon's Breath 5k, 3k, 2k gold Not recommended Not recommended, as Light of Dawn is a bit of a gimmicky item. If you are far advanced in the game that you can craft multiple Light of Dawns, then go ahead! [Note that all 3 components can be bought from other players, most likely at a cheaper price]
Materials Dragon Scale 10k gold Yes If you need this item, you need it for crafting. Other options of buying this are through your faction medals. Honestly, I would save the medals for your PvP gear. So gold is the only true way of buying these.
Materials Gollen Cast Iron 10k gold Yes Same as above
Materials Gem Grinder 10k gold Yes The only way to buy this item, as far as I know, is with gold. Note that you can also buy this item from other players.
Materials Guild Supplies 20k gold Yes and no Do not buy this item to add more supplies to your guild. 20k gold is way too expensive for what you get. Do buy it for the 10 supply achievement when 200k gold is no longer an issue for you.
Food and Potion Potions, food 1k - 100k silver Yes Various activities yield food and potions, but you gotta buy them especially if you are an active player.
Weekly Specials Magellena Emblems 200k silver Yes! The best way to purchase these is with silver. As written above, make sure to complete your weekly 30 Guild quests before you buy these, as these quests often reward you with multiple Magellana Emblems.
Weekly Specials Stones 1k gold Not recommended Sure, 1k gold does not sound a lot. Just remember that you often need multiple stones for crafting. Unless you are out of Altruism Medals, I would not recommend spending gold on Stones.
Faction NPC Large potions 20k silver Recommended At the beginning 20k will sound very expensive for potions. Well, it really is. But these are the best ones available at the moment, and HP potions for PvP/raids or Mana potions are very valuable!



In summary


I suggest using gold to buy blueprints and whatever raw material you cannot get yourself from the Trading House. Once you get to higher end crafting, the costs will become enormous so any amount you save will be welcome. Some items can only be bought with gold, such as Gem Grinders (needed for Diamond level gems). Be wise spending your gold, as it is much harder to find compared so silver.

Speaking of silver, I recommend buying a full set of regular level 40 gems first, followed by a full rare set and eventually epic and diamonds. Focus on weapon gems (attack or magic attack) first. After that, I would get HP gems unless you are a tank or PvP a lot. Many boss mechanics will simply one shot you if you don't have enough HP. You will need silver to buy potions and food as well. Luckily the game is fairly generous in giving you silver.

Altruism Medals
Use them for Stones.


The next part will focus on available additional currencies.

Currency Use
Guild Emblem Magellana Emblems or Leveling gear. You will most likely find better gear throughout the week, however not so many Magellana Emblems.
Shadow Crystals Honestly, be patient and get the cosmetic rewards or the mount. I'm not sure whether they will become unobtainable once the Light vs Dark event ends. If anyone knows for sure let me know and I'll edit this!
Sakura Badge Trust me on this one, don't start buying the Giftboxes. It's a drug and you will feel really bad for wasting crystals on them. Unless we can get Giftboxes from events, if you happen to have any Badges lying around use 3 for the small box and call it a day.
Faction medallions Not recommended to buy Dragon Scale or Gollen Cast Iron. Unless these medallions will disappear when the event ends (confirmation needed), save them for the exotic sets.
Courage medal You get a 1-3 of these each day for playing the game. Save them for the higher rank rewards with various Reputations.
Leaf of Eternity These babies go for 25-50k gold on my server. The prices will either rise or fall; not many people are high enough level & rich enough to buy 30 of them yet. Once they do, price may rise. Or it may go down due to high supply. Only time will tell. I would suggest selling this in the weekend for gold, but don't come blaming me if the prices rise.
Legendary Essence Honestly I'm nowhere near the level to use this item. There is only one on our server and is being sold for 500k gold. Let me know what it's for!
Honor points All I can find is gear on Faction NPC's for 20k honor pts (rank Major Lieutenant and up). If anyone knows other NPC's, please share!
Flower of Torannis I got one of these from a heroic raid. As far I remember, 10 of them are needed for exotic gear!



Check the reddit thread for user submitted tips! If you have anything you'd like to add, let it know down below.

In my next guide I will write the available goblin deals, and which of them are the best. If you plan to buy crystals, you really should be doing it with the time-limited goblin deals. I will need some more time to gather all the available options, so feel free to send me a PM with whatever options you get (For instance; 20$ option includes items XYZ vs ABC). I can add this to the available options!

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I saw this guide on reddit and wondered why it wasn't on here as well. Thank you for your work sir!

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Legendary Essence: Needed to upgrade legend equipment past a certain level.  I think it was to upgrade from lv40 to lv45 and thereafter.  You get one from dismantling a legendary item.  They sell for 250k on our server.

Flower of Torannis: Divine equipment requires 10, except shield was 20.

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Hi Hammer, thanks for the additional information! 

I can indeed confirm that you need one Legendary essence to upgrade a level 40 legendary. 

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As of 9th of August, few drastic changes have happened. The reddit threads are updated/being updated now, but to list few of them here: 

  • Gem Grinder now costs 1m silver, instead of 10k gold. This is a great change!
  • You can now spend your Courage medal on set items!! Amazing change. The pieces cost 36-90 medals each.

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Whats RedPandas take on this, will there be adjustments to price. Paying clients may invest in the game with a few tweaks and twerks.  Well written guide, cudos to op.

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please update this guide for 06/218!!!



Thanks much :)

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