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Which Combination of My Characters would work best?

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So as of now I have 8 characters lvl 78-80 all with 24-32 lvl mastery (mostly 32).  I am currently in Platinum tier of duel and cant get past about 40-30 ranking.  I win about half of my daily matches but can never advance past that.  I know teams like Rhag. Oma, and Tai are OP but mehh outside of Rhag im not a fan of em.   Aside from that I am stuck at 107 in tournament.   Monster hunt I usually place around 8-15 daily.  What formations and run set ups work best too?  I have em all and most are 4 star and up so any combination anyone can recommend would work.  Equipment is solid just figuring out what works with who the best right now. 

I usually go with the following...




Which are my favorite 2 and seem to perform the best.


Yasha  (Still figuring her out)







Teams I seem to have the most success with so far are...

Duel: Rhag,  Agony, w/ Ingvar ambushing with his charge atk

Runes: Might, Erudite, Sage, Sapper, Discord, Unity, Sanctum

Tournament: Rhag, Cedelyon, and the 3rd just depends on the buff/debuff for that match.

I appreciate the help in advance.

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Under lv81, Raijin is the best Warrior i think. Vanessa, Rasha, Cerberus, Hib, Rein are good too for most modes. Bane has the biggest dps for a mixed hero, i used Kon kon too but Tai has better damage, especially in MH. 

Rhag, raiji  + warrior/mage hero in ambush is a common formation. I also don't like oma, now i'm using VIscern/Rasha/Rein and it works quite well (not enough to be in the top 5 but it's a temporary team). Rhag is one of the best tank but almost everybody use him, using him for many months i got bored, Viscern can be a good tank and he has good damage, Kagemasa is probably the best tank but not everyone got him. Lumenor is one of the best dps mage, i think we often forget he's a 4 star hero.

 If you use Rhag + 2 warriors, take of erudite/unity they are useless (you don't  use a mage or an hybrid hero). Use corrosion, raider or maybe a defensive rune instead. There's not an universal team for duel, there are many combinations possible. Rhag, Agony and Ingvar are good heroes but i'm not sure they are at their best potential together. On my serv, a player is using Agony/Rai/Oma and it works well, even against Rhag/oma+mage teams. You can also try a 3 dps team, Rai/hib/tai is good (big dps, a stun...), ambush is not mandatory. You just have to find a good tank team that will be your defensive team (set up) but when you challenge you have to change your runes/heroes, it really depends on the opponent's team. 

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by the most commons comp teams are in your tier duel, you can build your team selecting counters.

Rhagavar+omaus is very popular, it can be countered with viscern or esther and 2 dps

viscern/esther teams can be countered with agony/ingvar/reinhard attacking directly; first strike+stun or knock up

from your list heroes i will pick agony-ingvar-cedelyon; that two warrior push forward screwing some enemy skills and making high damage in the first seconds, cedelyion can give more sustain to agony cuz sometimes he die fast, so he can heal and do some taunt with his summon  

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