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Balance Update - wny not?

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I spend many time for playing EA and I noticed that game require many changes in the characters.

The overpowered properties are only visible on the PvP (but a few characters are also too strong on the rest modes).

My question is Are you going to make any blance update to procure PvP gameplay better and that way weaker character make stronger and usefull (both PvP and other modes).

In my opinion which characters are OP:

Viscern - disable for stunns and status, dragon form is too strong.

Omaeus - this characters is mistake of this game, should be completle removed. With connection of other OP characters make game unplayable and painful.

Raijin - just strong character, He can miss stunns, traps and other status moves.

Cerberus/Oni - invisible is too overpower tricks, particulary Cerberus, He just dont care about turrets or player. He can just attack and hide. First of all: if any character hit him, the invisibility effect should be gone imidietly. (For example when He be trapped by Ariadne web).

Charon/Tai - looks too strong and too easy.

Cedelyon - Is it joke? That power connected with strength and mobility.

Rurik - after death skill, no comment.


Thank in advance for reply.

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Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of the balance issues in the game and are working on solutions to fix them

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cerberus and oni are ok, they had very low defense and heatlh

cedelyon is annoying in pvp but by himself he can kill

charon is strong but he is not op, his slow ass, high cooldown, and sometimes target missing get him in balance (almost no one on my server use him on duels)

Viscern isnt OP, in old pvp practicaly no one pick him, he begin gets popular for 2 reasons; in pvp turrets hits harder so he can drag you to a turret to get kills, he is practicaly one of the few options to success in duel if you dont want a rhagavar+oma and to counter that

Tai is op 3 one kill skills 2 of them with low cooldown and dont miss targets

Raghavar is OP he is way to better that other tanks

Kagemasa Op same point with rhaga (when people get him chage his rhagavar for him)

Oma and Rurik are the most OP thing you can see, totally broke pvp


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