Pets on your team you just can't live without.

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Every pet is good in its own right but some pets just stand above the rest! Give me your top five favorites in your arsenal and tell me why they earned a place in your heart and on your team.

  1. top of my list is Phoenix. Aoe heal, 30% damage buff, and stun. What's not to love. Not to mention what looks better trailing behind you than this stunning ball of fire.???
  2. Out of the fring pan and in to the freezer. Number 2 has to go to your friendly neighborhood poplar bear. Tank that freezes any who dare touch it, umm yes plz.❄️☃️?
  3. Monkey king is a newwest addition to my team but in our short time together he's already earned number three on my list. I mean he's nice enough make my enemy's take a good chunk more DMG and only  costing a meger 120 souls this royal primate is a steal.???
  4.  Fourth on this list is i think everyone's first love, seven tailed fox. Not only is this fox easy on the eyes but she's also easy to acquire, easy to promote, and has the highest dodge of all pets. You never forget your first ???

Last on my list is the my bow welding, dps slinging, half man monster thing. Hard one and well worth it. I longed after a manticore rider since the very first time I logged in and thought he mount. I love my manti even if he won't let me ride him???

This is a list of my favorite pets iv been lucky enough to get in my time here on tomb. Give your favorite companions a shout out


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This is awesome. Thank you for the detailed info. It really helps

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