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It’s time for a new beginning. We are very pleased to introduce our brand-new message boards!


Some time ago, we looked at our forums on the public-facing and backend sides and realized…hey, we can do better! So, these new IPS (Invision Power Systems) boards are the result of that. Our goal was to improve functionality for all of you and to give us more options/capabilities with things like moderation.


We hope you agree that this will be a big improvement.


So get posting! Just remember that we expect you to follow our Official Forum Rules and Guidelines and also expect you to post constructively. We are completely okay with negative posts as long as they’re of a constructive nature because then we can forward that info on to our Production/Development Team. Don’t just tell us you’re mad and yell at us…tell us why!


So what are you waiting for? Talk to us! We’re here to listen.

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