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I wanted to start this post just to clear some confusion on how to score higher. 
I think it's safe to say that there's a big difference in strategy when your running for SCORE VS DISTANCE.

Personally I've found that score increases dramatically based on some initial steps:

  • Main character at 50+

  • Weapon at 50+

  • Rank at 50+

So these steps should take priority, but leveling alone does not guarantee a high score as many of you have probably found.

Here are a few basics I've leaned when going for high score:

  • Play Warp Mode. (I know it's obvious but critical)

  • Get 20% crit sushi

  • Purchase all four elemental orbs before run
  • Learn to reach at least the third mount Summon w/o dying
  • Get a level 70+ friend for First Nina Summon
  • Save ability for max enemy kills, preferably early in the run or at the mount summoning so there's time to Re-fill the meter
  • Use orbs on your highest level character to Re-fill his ability meter (Preferably on Shock since he gets double points for killing enemies w ability)
  • Learn which parts of the run yield the highest kills ( example: Shuriken waves)

These are just basics so if anyone wants to post more detailed strategy please feel free.

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