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Speedy Ninja Currency System

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*Originally posted by SimplyEC


In order to help new players understand the Speedy Ninja currency system, I have put together this brief overview. (Please let me know in the comments if any information requires editing)

There are 3 main currencies used in Speedy Ninja: 1) Jade, 2) Silver, and 3) Fish.

The only in game currency you can purchase with real life dollars is Jade. The larger the jade package you purchase, the larger the discount is in terms of $ per jade.

Jade in turn can then be used in game to purchase different size packages of Silver or Fish. (Larger package size will provide reduced jade cost per silver/fish).

Jade Uses

Purchase Epic Chest Keys
Unlock certain characters / mounts 
Purchase extra energy (to keep playing / feed mounts) 
Convert Jade into Silver or Fish

Earn Jade by: 1) Completing daily/other quests, 2) Consecutive days log in bonus, 3) Mount feeding rewards, 4) Random lottery/lucky egg prize, 5) Purchase with $

Silver Uses

Purchase Silver Chest Keys
Upgrade Weapons / Characters levels
Purchase Lucky Egg / One time use power ups
Unlock certain characters

Earn Silver by: 1) Collecting coins during your runs, 2) Mount feeding rewards, 3) Convert Jade into Silver

Fish Uses
Play fish lottery to win random items
Purchase displayed lottery items at a fixed fish cost
Unlock Fang (mount)

Earn Fish by: 1) Completing certain quests, 2) Completing daily dojo missions, 3) Consecutive days log in bonus, 4) Convert Jade into Fish

I hope this brief overview helps new or confused players regarding the Speedy Ninja currency system!

If I can, I will add more details regarding how much Jade / Silver / Fish can be earned per week without purchasing jade with actual $.

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