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Patch Notes of August 29

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New Event

I.  “Free” Level Boost Event

During the Midsummer Festival, players who purchase a Level Boost (which lets you jump to the server level cap) will automatically be entered into the “Limited Time ‘Free’ Level Boost” event. Starting from the day they purchase the Level Boost, if the player logs in for seven days in a row (for at least 30 minutes/day), then on the 7th day the price of their Level Boost will be refunded (300 bound crystals) and they will also receive a bonus “Level Boost Gift Pack”.


II. Raids Raining Gold Event

Event open from August 29 – September 12. All players who qualify for team raid prizes have a chance to get a lot of extra gold when defeating raid bosses. This bonus chance is not available on the following raids:

  • Scar Plains (Heroic)

  • Dire Galleon (Heroic)

  • Ancestral Altar (Heroic)

  • Goblin Camp (Heroic)

  • Fort Desolation (Normal and Heroic)

  • Pit of Desolation (All)


III. Midsummer Days Events

  1. Midsummer Days Album

Every time a warrior completes an interesting event, he has a chance to get a corresponding memorial card for their album, as well as one or more time points. When total time points reaches certain thresholds, players earn some nice rewards. Players can even earn purple- and orange-tier titles that are no longer in circulation!

     2. Midsummer Dream Bubbles

Midsummer Dream Bubbles are made up of condensed dreams and given to deserving warriors. If the warrior can resonate with the dreams in the bubble, they will get a blessed gift box. After this update, players can complete normal 5-person raids daily for a chance to drop three different types of bubbles (limit 3/day). A set number of lucky players will get Dream Giftboxes when they use their Dream Bubbles, which contain some great prizes.

     3. Midsummer Puzzle

After this update, a mystic sage will wander throughout Milura. He will seek to entice you with wealth and rare treasure, and try to read your fortune. Find him, and see what good luck he can bring you!

  1. The mystic sage will move to a different location every 15 minutes.

  2. The sage carries a mystical device which can find valuables. Players can play a sort of game with the sage and his ‘treasure hunter’: each round, players choose to either put more silver into the machine, or to see what they got. After the player deposits silver, they will either win back double the silver deposited, or they will fail. If they fail, the sage will give them some delicious food instead.

  3. While the potential winnings increases with each round, so does the chance of failure.

  4. Players can play this game with the sage up to twice per day. The sage can also only play with one player before it moves again.


New Feature

I. New Raid: The Battle of Karanvale – Escape the Airdock

        A new raid is available on all servers! The Battle of Karanvale is segmented into three parts. This update features the release of the first part: Escape the Airdock, and will bring the Sardar Highlands plot to its climax.

The Battle of Karanvale – Escape the Airdock is a 10-person raid which is available for players with  character level 55 and talent level 75. The first team to beat raid will get a unique achievement and title.


II. New Sets: Firebomb and Malicious Bulwark

Two new sets can drop in The Battle of Karanvale - Escape the Airdock:


2 Piece: Skill crits have a (low) chance to plant a bomb on affected targets, which explode after 1 second. Explosions deal damage and set targets on fire, causing damage over time

3 Piece: Healing item cooldowns are decreased by 20%. When healing items are used, the player simultaneously tosses out oil, slowing a target and dealing a burst of fire damage if the target is currently taking damage over time from burning.

Malicious Bulwark

2 Piece: Chance to gain a ‘Malicious Bulwark’ shield for 6 seconds when damage is taken.

3 Piece: The Shadow will not let you die before it is done with you. When fatal damage is taken, you regain 30% max HP and gain a barrier which reduces incoming damage by 20% (10% for allies) for 6 seconds. When the barrier expires, you take 50% of your max HP in damage. (Restricted to Shadow Knights)


III. New Difficulty Leaders

Enemy leaders which spawn in Legendary difficulty have a small chance to drop Divine blueprints. Abyss difficulty leader drops have been adjusted as follows:

  • They now have a chance to drop a new level of equipment blueprint.

  • Phantom Essence is the only essence that will drop.

  • The drop rates for gems, glyphs, etc. have been increased.


IV. Class Balance Adjustments


  1. Strength and Endurance gain per level is now equal to that of Paladins and Shadow Knights.

  2. The following skill cooldowns have been decreased to match those of Paladins and Elementalists:

    1. Searing Chains - from 9 sec to 8 sec

    2. Tempest Rage - from 10 sec to 8 sec

    3. Lava Quake - from 12 sec to 10 sec

    4. Meteor Crater - from 18 sec to 15 sec

    5. Magma Spikes - from 18 sec to 15 sec

  3. Bloodbath (in Executioner Path) now increases damage taken by target. Duration has been increased from 6 sec to 10 sec.



  1. Scout Path changes:

    1. Razor Wind’s crit increases by 15% is now changed to crit rate bonus increased from 15% to 25%. “Increase Razor Wind’s crit chance by 15%” is now changed to “increase razor wind’s crit damage by 25%.

    2. Barrage now increases crit damage instead of crit rate. Crit damage is increased by half of crit rate.

    3. Luck now increases the crit damage of Blessed Arrows instead of the crit rate. Bonus amount is unchanged.

  2. Decreased the following cooldowns to match Paladins and Elementalists:

    1. Razorwind - from 18 sec to 15 sec

    2. Relentless - from 12 sec to 10 sec

    3. Tempest shot - from 18 sec to 15 sec.

  3. Starburst Arrowhead rune damage enhancement ratio on Relentless increased from 1.25 to 1.5.

  4. Greatly enhanced the Relentless range for attacking multiple targets after triggering Star Cloak.

  5. Greatly enhanced damage dealt by Blessed Arrows and Razor Wind.



  1. The following skill cooldowns have been decreased to match those of Paladins and Elementalists:

    1. Force of Will - from 18 sec to 15 sec

    2. Vicious - from 10 sec to 8 sec

    3. Dreadfall - from 12 sec to 10 sec

Aurora has not been adjusted, but because it shares a cooldown with Force of Will, a 15 second cooldown timer will be triggered when Force of Will is used. Similarly, Force of Will will have an 18 second cooldown timer triggered when Aurora is used.

  1. Force of Will now affect 3 targets by default. When players use the Verity Spirit talent (and those deriving from it), Force of Will can attack 5 targets, and its attack range and number of targets can increase with talent level.

  2. Force of Will damage ratio increased slightly.

  3. The default damage ratio of Mystic Circle has been raised to 1.5 (healing effect unchanged).

  4. The crit rate decrease effects of the Magellana’s Judgement transfer medium-high value talents have been changed to increases in crit damage. The crit damage increase uses half the number used for the previous crit rate effect.



  1. Rampart of Fairness rune effect on Shield of Order damage increased from 50% to 100%.

  2. The Rampart of Order transfer talent of Dawn Knights damage enhance ratio for Shield of Order increased from 0.5 to 1.

  3. The Rampart of Fairness rune’s Shield of Order splash damage is no longer shared, and the damage ration has been increased from 0.5 to 1.

  4. Judicator damage bonus ratio increased from 1.8 to 2.5.


V. Cave of Eternity - Time Trials

The Cave of Eternity system is now online, allowing players to compete in time trials on various raids. Clearing raids in the Cave of Eternity does not count toward your daily raid limits. For those familiar with the test version, know that rewards for all difficulties have been significantly increased. Trial V is now much harder.

First completion awards and titles are available for all raids in the Cave of Eternity, so make your mark ASAP! Lore and system details are as follows:

  1. To help soldiers train against demons, the Royal Illusionist extracted the memories of battle-hardened Children of Light and used them to create an illusionary space. Warriors who enter the space can train in recreations of battles past to sharpen their skills. Teams strong enough to pass these tests at the fastest speed will receive generous rewards and supreme glory.

  2. One random raid with multiple difficulty levels unlocks every week. Players can wear their own equipment or use default system loadouts to take part in a raid under controlled circumstances.

  3. Raid Time Trials will spawn 2-3 enchanted monsters at random each week, which will last a week before changing.

  4. Team leaders can bring their team into the raid by talking to Royal Illusionist Yakura. The countdown starts the moment they enter. For each group member killed, 3 seconds are added to the timer. When the last Boss is killed, the timer stops and this time is counted as the weekly score. Players can try different difficulty levels. The leaderboard is ranked based on a score derived from highest difficulty level and shortest time completed.

  5. As the server progression advances, low level raids will be blocked. Servers with higher development will not compete with newer servers in rankings.

  6. Raids are settled from 0:00 to 6:00 every Friday. Rewards (based on rank) will be issued to players at 3:00 via mail. There are two kinds of reward: server ranking reward and player ranking reward. Both of them can be obtained at the same time, but only one best score reward is awarded to a player. Ranking rewards include titles and Glory Gold. Glory Gold can be given to Yakura in exchange for various items. The No.1 team that passed the highest level raid in the server last week will be able to show its strength in Karanvale Palace for one week.

  7. Players who did not make it onto the leaderboard still get a participation reward. Killing a Boss will directly drop the precious King\'s Gift, which may include Ghost Tiger and Legendary Weapons. The number of drop times is the same in all levels, but the number of drops varies from level to level. Players can also acquire Dragonslayer Silver, a currency which can be exchanged for various items, from the Royal Illusionist based on the highest-level Time Trial they passed in the previous week.

  8. The killing progression of all the raids in the Cave of Eternity is independent, and does not conflict with the collecting times in normal team raids.

  9. The following enchanted monsters are currently unlocked and may spawn in raids:

  • Frenzy: Your skill cooldowns will be refreshed frequently.

  • Scream: Inflicts Fear every once in a while.

  • Battle Hymn: When any non-boss enemy dies, its death nell will strengthen its nearby allies, increasing their maximum HP and damage by 20%.

  • Hex: You will be cursed every once in a while, reducing your hit rate, movement speed, and attack for 10 seconds.

  • Warbringer: You will transform into the Warbringer every once in a while, increasing all damage dealt by 100% and crit chance by 100% for 10 seconds.

  • Overflow: A Fire Elemental will occasionally spawn near random players.

  • Demolition: Enemies explode on death, dealing AOE damage.

  • Fallen Star: Meteorites will occasionally drop from the sky, damaging the players they hit.

  • Pool of Blood: After a non-boss enemy is killed, it will leave a pool of blood which can heal its allies and damage players.


VI. Dawn Cathedral - Secret Astrology Sanctum

The following adjustments have been made to Dawn Cathedral - Secret Astrology Sanctum:

  1. Decreased the HP of Noel the Dark Nun.

  2. Decreased the Max HP of Noel the Avatar of Justice.

  3. Decreased the Max HP of Starr the Astrologer.

  4. Increased the mana return amount for the entire team after activating the statue of the Archmage.

  5. Fixed an issue where Noel’s “Evil Blossom” skill where the area of effect was not consistent with the visible area of effect.

  6. Significantly decreased Starr the Astrologer’s HP.

  7. Slightly decreased Starr the Astrologer’s skill damage.

  8. Significantly decreased the damage dealt by the residual flame on the ground after Starr the Astrologer’s “Meteor” skill.


VII. New PvP/Arena Season

On August 29, 2018, PvP and Arena Season 3 will end, and the following will take place:

  1. Military rank will be reset to level one, and corresponding PvP attribute bonuses will be reset (Faction reputation level will not be affected).

  2. Season 4 starting position for the Arena will be determined by ending rank of Season 3.

  3. Unused Honor will be automatically converted into silver coins (battle coins unaffected).

  4. Season 4 will begin.


Military Merchant stock has been adjusted for Season 4 as follows:

  1. Lvl. 160 and 168 PvP equipment can be purchased with Honor after reaching a designated military rank.

  2. Battlefield Weapon Packs, Battlefield Armor Packs, and Battlefield Accessory Packs can now be purchased at any Military Rank, and can contain full sets of Lvl. 144 PvP equipment (including accessories).

  3. Lvl. 120 and Lvl. 144 PvP equipment sold in Season 3 will no longer be available for purchase.


Aldorr Coliseum Merchant stock has been adjusted as follows:

  1. Honor Group members who reach a specified rank can use Honor to purchase Lvl. 160 and Lvl. 176 PvP equipment.

  2. Honor Group members who have reached the rank of Master can use silver to buy the Season 4 Limited Edition Mount-- Honor Raptor.

  3. Lvl. 120 and Lvl. 152 PvP equipment sold in Season 3 will no longer be available for purchase.


Lvl. 120 and 144 PvP equipment previously available in Guild Battle, Tramcar and other such events have been replaced with Lvl. 160 and 168 PvP equipment.


At the end of Season 4, the top 10 players of Aldorr Coliseum Peak and Honor groups will receive Limited Edition Peak Raptor and Honor Raptor mounts, respectively.


VIII. Activity Adjustments

In order to make dailies less of a burden for players, we have made it easier to reach 100 activity points and lightened the burden of non-core tasks. Daily tasks have been adjusted as follows:

  1. Cargo quests now give 10 activity points.

  2. Collect Crystals faction quests now give 10 activity points (previously 5).

  3. Preparation Quests and Faction Trade will no longer give activity points.


IX. Other Adjustments

  1. Added Full Screen mode for mobile. Can be adjusted in ‘Settings’.

  2. Added new skin color scheme options for male and female Shadow Knights. Set your skin colors to suit your personal tastes.

  3. Colors have also been adjusted for warriors for certain outfits.

  4. Dismantling cost for Bloodline Stones, Arcane Stones, Void Stones, and Phantom Stones has been increased to 10,000 silver. “Group Dismantle” option has been added.

  5. Fixed an issue where sounds were not always playing for Elementalist notifications.

  6. Fixed an issue involving a magic damage bonus from the Ranger’s Sunburst Assault and Dawn Covenant sets.

  7. The Heroic-level Kothas Foundry and Dawn Cathedral - Choral Courtyard raids now have an Assist option.

  8. Fixed a lag issue affecting some Honor Group players when trying to enter Aldorr Coliseum battles.

  9. Psychotic-level Mystica are now available (unlocks when server progresses to Dawn Cathedral - Choral Courtyard or higher). New Mystica leaders have stronger abilities, but drop better prizes.

  10. Karanvale’s “Razorwind” Currion and Aerial Island’s Arlenspark Klungs'n can now turn bound legendary equipment into (not bound) corresponding legendary blueprints. Only bound, not-emerged legendary equipment qualify. Emerged legendary equipment cannot be turned into blueprints.

  11. Auto-upgrade function for Talents is now online, which will let you upgrade talents on a selected path as much as you can afford and/or qualify for.

  12. Enhanced/optimized real-time voice chat. To avoid accidentally pressing the voice chat button, it has been moved to the gear in the bottom left corner.

  13. Avatar Frames and a new Avatar menu have been moved to the Character menu.


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