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*Originally posted by Devastation


Hi all! I decided to spice things up a bit by starting off with my first Advanced Guide. This one will be on the most rewarding and frustrating part of the game. No, not the treasure hunt, but forging. Getting forging materials can be tough and they can show up in some less than obvious locations, so my job is to tell you a few tips on maximizing your BP through forging! Let's forge on, then.

Finding the right materials
There are five total ingredients necessary for any and all forging: Coins, insight stones, Forging stones (Dragon, Royal, Rainbow), Produce, and Gear recipes. Coins, produce, and forging stones are easy enough to acquire through normal means. For their volume, though, Insight Stones and Gear recipes can be a lot tougher to get, but by adding to your stockpile consistently, getting enough can be much more manageable.

Insight stones - Found in: Auriga Abyss, World Boss (Finishing and Damage Reward), Clan Pet Training, Hard dungeon rewards, and defeating Skylor (not raiding) in the Normal Graveyard level of Drake's Crag (little known fact).

Hoard them like they are your life. They can also be used to get maps from Treasure Hunts and gear refining. Don't fall for it. Any insight stone used outside forging before level 70 is WASTED.

They are important, but don't buy them in the ingot shop. You can get so much better for 120 ingots than a single medium insight stone.

If you are planning on farming Medium Insight Stones, attack the World boss multiple times in a row. Medium insight stones begin to be rewarded for the cumulative damage bonus at the Soul Eater level, although it isn't guaranteed.

Gear Recipes - Found in: Team dungeon, Hard Dungeon rewards

Always pick the right team dungeon for the gear recipes that you are going to need next. Even if you can do "better" and get a better gift bag, it is the best option to get the extra 3-6 gear recipes a day. it adds up, especially since you need 160 Lv. 60 recipes to bring all your gear to Lv. 70.

What to Upgrade?

There's always a constant debate on how much the set bonus is worth compared to upgrading weapons. From personal experience, only break up a set by upgrading one at a time if it is going to give you an extra gem slot (ie. lv 70). Otherwise, it will probably be a loss of BP in the end. I also personally recommend forging the ones that require the least materials first, so, armed with some higher BP from those upgrades, upgrading the sets that require more resources will come at least a little bit easier.

What about that whole refining thing?

Kick it to the can until you're at least Lv. 73. Fun fact that's not so fun: refining stats RESET every time you forge your gear. Yeah, that upgrade rerolls your refining anyway, so you spent those forging materials on an upgrade that you nullify.

Well, that about wraps it up for today! I hope it was eventful!

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