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*Originally posted by Devastation

I'm Devastation and welcome to my guide named Devastation's Revelations. I'll be taking this guide one screen at a time (along with Peacock City and Greenstone), detailing all the things you can do in the process. I'll also post some advanced guides that go into more tips and tricks on how to best play the game! If you have any opinions or additions, comment below! I hope you enjoy it!


As you can see, this is where all the action starts! If you want to do anything, it's going to have to come through this screen. I'll take all the buttons going clockwise from the plus sign:

1. Plus sign:
Pressing this button shows a couple additional buttons where you can access settings and the server time and player rankings

2. Shop:
Brings you to the Shop, where you can spend ingots and coins on anything from gem and scroll packs to Pet gear bags and treasure maps.

3. Bag:
A lot goes on through this one. Brings you to your bag and equipment. In this menu, you can forge, refine, bless, and add gems to your gear. You can also see, fuse, or sell the items you have.

4. Clan (Lv. 30 and above):
Brings you to your clan menu if you are in one. From there, you can do clan quests, take care of your guardian and see the overall ranking of your clan. Naturally, everything clan related happens here.

5. Quest and Team tabs:
Shows the status of quests and the team you are in. The Team button allows you to see who is in your team and their BP. If you're not in a team, it brings you to a screen where you can either join or create a team. Pressing the quest button shows you all the quests you can do with their requirements and rewards.

6. Chat Box:
As the name implies, you can talk to other people on the same server. Here you can look for friends, recruit for and join clans, and join or advertise team dungeons, among other things. Click on a character's name when they are chatting to see their profile or send a friend request.

7. Game Packs:
Here is all the specials you can get by paying money. Month cards, generally are sold here. I personally do not know if things like the Forge, Pet, and Coin packs that are currently there are given out every day like the starter and month card packs. If someone knows this definitively, please feel free to interject.

8. Notification Bell:
This button pops up when you can redeem something (or if someone wants you to water their tree). Just click on the notification once the list pops up and it will immediately transport you to wherever you need to go to fulfill the notification.

9. Pet Menu:
Signified by the picture of your active pet, you can click on it to show a menu of most things relating to your pets. You can feed and upgrade your pets, use soul shard with summon, collect and trade in Pet Souls for pets, and dissolve pets you don't use anymore for some items (depending on the pet class)

10. Character Menu:
Signified by the picture of your character, this menu shows your stats and rankings. Here you can also manage, upgrade, and move around skills, and upgrade your Zodiac and wings. It also shows your raw stats and the bonuses they give to your character.

11. Event:
The Event menu shows the events that are happening right now. Click on the button to transport yourself to the different events.

12. Nav.
This is probably the busiest of the tabs. It pretty much tells you everything that you can do outside of events and PvP and how many times you can do it. It is split up into casual and adventure. The casual ones don't involve any fighting whereas the adventure ones do. If you don't know how to find something, it's probably somewhere on this Nav page. I will have a lot more to say about this in future guides.

13. PvP:
This button lets you navigate to the PvP things such as Duels, Arena, King of the Hill, and Clan War.

14. Reward:
In this screen, you get all kinds of, well, rewards. Daily log in awards, activity rewards, and some special ingot events, along with redeeming Feast stamina, level up rewards and various achievement awards that you get throughout the game. You can also track your progress on these achievements in this menu.

15. Social:
This menu shows your friends. Here you can add friends, look for more friends, and check the history of what you and your friends have been doing.

As far as I can see, that's everything on this menu! I hope you enjoy and keep your ear to the ground for more in-depth revelations from Devastation. Please feel free to comment and give me suggestions on which guides I should start working on! Thank you 

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