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Patch Notes for August 8

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New Feature: Fight for Milura

Event Introduction

  • Opens every Saturday from 9:00-10:00 cross-server time. Faction possession of Titan Matrices is reset on Saturdays at midnight (0:00). Each map will be used for two rounds. Matrix possession will be determined at random for the first round, and will change hands for the second.

  • In order to register for this event, characters must be at least level 30 and have a faction military rank of at least level 3.

  • The map will be locked from 8:50-9:00. Players can register for the event during this time, but no one will be able to enter the map until it is unlocked.

  • Fight for Milura takes place from 9:00-10:00. If the match is not yet full, players of each faction can queue to enter the event. Players with special Faction titles do not need to queue to enter and are not subject to player limits.

  • During the combat phase, factions can win points by defeating the enemy general, enemy players, or by taking control of the Titan Matrix. Players consistently exhibiting negative behavior (griefing, leaving, etc.) will receive a formal warning from their faction leader. After a certain number of warnings, players with negative behaviors will be ejected from the event.

  • When the event concludes at 10:00, each player will be given a score (determined by map objectives, kills, etc.) and ranked accordingly.

  • The total score of each team will determine the winning faction and corresponding prize. Potential prizes include: legendary weapons, star circles, star circle upgrade resources, grade 144 PvP talismans and earrings, and others.


Special Prizes

  • Special week-long titles will be awarded as follows: “Faction Leader” for the top three guild leaders of the winning faction, and “Faction Hero” for the top 10 overall players.

  • Any player to earn either of said titles will gain special faction-related privileges such as the ability to skip the Fight for Milura queue.

  • The Fight for Milura match determines Titan Matrix possession for the following week. Players standing near an enemy Matrix will be Suppressed, take additional PvP damage, and have reduced move speed.

  • The number of Titan Matrices occupied determines each faction’s Battle Coin bonus for the following week. Any player who contributed to their faction during the preparation period for this event will enjoy this bonus.


Faction Resources

  • Players can earn faction resources through faction quests and other daily quests, as well as by defeating opposing faction players in events such as Faction Trade and Fight for Milura. They can also be acquired by purchasing Faction Packs.

  • There are weekly limits on how many resources a faction can acquire. Plundered and purchased resources share the same limit, and resources from daily quests share a separate limit.

  • The amount of accumulated faction resources affects the HP level of your factions’s Titan Matrix. Accumulate more faction resources to get the HP advantage of the Titan Matrix in the event.

  • Contributing faction resources increases your faction contribution score. Every week, the top 10 contributors in each faction will gain a week-long special faction title, and special faction-related privileges such as the ability to skip the Fight for Milura queue.

  • The accumulated faction resources will be cleared at the end of each Fight for Milura event.


Contest Coins

  • Contest Coins can be earned in all faction-related events and other PvP events.

  • Contest Coins can be used in the Fight for Milura shop to buy special PvP potions which provide exclusive attribute and recovery enhancements during the event.

  • All players’ unspent Contest Coins will be reset to zero at the end of each Fight for Milura event.


Faction Barrage

        During the Fight for Milura event, players entering PvP maps will automatically unlock “Faction Barrage” which allows real-time progress to be broadcast quickly to the entire team in the form of a bullet screen.


Titan Boss

  • Two Titan Bosses will be refreshed at 9:10, 9:20 and 9:40. Once defeated, nearby players will gain a 50% PvP damage buff for three minutes.

  • A big Titan Boss will be refreshed at 9:30 and 9:50. Once defeated, nearby players will gain a 100% PvP damage buff for three minutes.

  • The damage buffs described above will be removed upon player’s death.


Morale System

  • Warriors outside the battlefield can assist their friends and allies through the Activity panel.

  • A Morale Boost can be purchased for 50k silver to increase your individual score by 80 and increase your faction’s morale by 3.

  • Reinforcements can be purchased for 500k silver to increase your individual score by 120 and increase your faction’s morale by 10.

  • Morale gives your team a buff which scales with morale level (the higher your morale, the better the buff).

  • Faction members assisting their teams will get a gift corresponding to their individual score at the end of the match.

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