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*Originally Posted by Auctioneer


Hi Everyone,

We've got a new feature that will add some cool effects and skills to your heroes. The hope is that this spices up gameplay a bit, especially at the higher levels.

Artifact Rules:
1. The Artifact System is accessible once a player obtains at least one "Minas Amber".
2. Minas Ambers can be found in Guild Commons Manor, PVP Honor Exchange and various monthly events, including the July event, “Way of Maha” (coming soon).
3. Each Artifact grants the equipped Hero a new skill. The power of the skill is strongly influenced by the stats of the Hero.
4. Players can restore Artifacts in two ways: Minas Ambers or Diamonds.
5. Players can upgrade Artifacts in two ways: Minas Ambers & Diamonds or just with Diamonds.
6. Each upgraded Artifact ascends to an advanced version with an altered and more powerful skill.
7. Restoring/upgrading Artifacts with Diamonds can only be done once per day.
8. The more Artifacts you’ve restored, the more basic stats bonuses are unlocked. The more Artifacts are upgraded, the more advanced stats bonuses are unlocked.
9. Both basic and advanced stats bonuses change on the Hero who equips the Artifact. Among all stats bonuses, Health, Attack/Spell/Mixed Power bonuses are dependent on the Hero's level.
10. Players can enhance an advanced stat bonuses with Diamonds. The increase is random.
11. Mixed Power converts into Attack Power or Spell Power or both, depending on the Hero.

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