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Ban Appeal

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IGN : Philippinesis1st
Server : Steam Rule Of Survival
Rank : Diamond IV  / Master Past Season

ID: 132426898

Hi NetEase I'm here to make an appeal. My friend account is banned permanently but I have not been using any cheat. I've been playing ROS fairly before even the season 1 started. I'm using public computers on internet cafes, I was shocked to see that my account was banned I was not even doing anything. As I looked through the files in the computer I saw a file of ROS cheats and thought that someone might've downloaded it and the cheat might've been automatically activated when I logged into the game. Please ROS. I was Master Season2 and then on the season reset I became diamond, And it now part of the Elite and I will not waste that Title of mine and now my goal is to become a Great Player! I am really determined to gain that rank, I've been aiming for it since the pc version is released!! Please NetEase unban my friend account on the PC Asia server.


We Have Same Problem So I Just Copy .. Please Help My Friend Unbanned Netease My Friend Is Top Player In NorthAmerica Server Because He Didnt Want Cheater So He didnt Create Acct In ROSAsia And We Go To Steam ROS But why did you guys banned my Friend ..... Please NetEase Unban My Acctount

Please Contact Us

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