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  1. that is greed my friend, even after being better than 80% of the server you are only looking at the remaining 20% better than you as a comparison factor, its just a game- enjoy it man
  2. Somebody call Scooby Doo. We have a case of 'invisible' guy here. On a serious note yes weekend boxes need to be reworked
  3. even without legendary the game is good, if you have one aim for A and then stop, if you have excess resources then try for upgrade. Having top weapon on server doesnt make you a good player, ive seen C grade weapon players out do A grade weapon players just because they know their class. i've spent so many stones on my epics to get good stats and im fine with that. I have an offhand legend though.
  4. i dont get the purpose of resetting ranks.. if you work hard for something why should it be taken away again?
  5. Haven't confirmed this but its something related to do with more honor/rep with better grade of gem/docs etc
  6. Yep two minds bracelet. I just got it recently. now waiting for lucky clover to get the 2nd piece
  7. Nice, hope the update is good. For potions to reset runes how will u allot space in bags? If the bag is full will system auto mail us the mats we spent after using rune reset?
  8. u could probably keep upgrading your legendary for insane amount of mats for the stats to stay relevant with your current gear level-thats the benefit of legendary over other gears(also additional stats/skill ups ofcourse)
  9. @Agoraphobia and @Primaeva u are both right. Agora is taking about one string of event where the RNG is more prominent and could be any event of the higher limit and lower limit and Prima is talking about a summary of multiple event leading to one generic observation of increase in average. Please don't quarrel over it. Even devs wont give a comment on this because the description is very straight forward. i feel like this has become a thread of elitistjerks Cheers
  10. but the question is will it increase healing also by appx~5% or just damage
  11. which phone do you use? i dont face any issues on iPhone 7- sometimes during raids it gets hot but 95% time its cool
  12. i agree- event standing right next to the box doesnt let me get it- theres always an 'invisible' guy there even when i have settings to max - or could be a hacker prolly.
  13. Umm there was an emergency maintenance - if you were online in the game check your mail. there is also a compensation they are providing for the issues.
  14. afaik if u down a boss and then get booted you're still eligible for the loot