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  1. not updated yet, as far as i can noticed 16/11 has inspect feature including basic stats HP/Mana etc so ppl cant lie anymore to get into high end raids haha
  2. One thing is for sure, they can't have a community relations manager as friendly as redpanda btw as a suggestion maybe add weather changes like rain mist fog based on timings or random occurrence in the game for high settings and above
  3. Hi COL Dev team, Please fix the lag issues, your raids that should be doable 40man can only be done without lag when 20-25 people are in the raid. We regularly play with discord on and any 40man raid that has more than 20-25 people suffer from terrible lag and mostly miss mechanic. We have to create two or more guild groups every weekend to clear Ash HC and chim/everlush hc. Else disable 40man raids and just keep 10 and 20 man raids for now.
  4. i'm a f2p player since the live launch for EU UTC+4 server. been playing since day 1. GS 45k, 4 crafted legends. Able to clear nm3. Unable to clear Arunas HC and Ashroot HC along with Sky HC. I do 14-15k dps appx and spend over 6 hours everyday from farming mats to doing dailies and medals. Only like 5% of the population on the server has done Arunas HC and Ashroot HC so in 2-3 weeks ill have enough stats to do them. As F2p you will only be behind p2w players by 2-3 weeks at most. Even if you start playing late you can reach close to the endgame players in a month and a half time and clear all content being cleared by them. Currently on my server hell2 is the one ppl have cleared(p2w ) so i'm only behind by 2 difficulties. Not sure why a necro'd post was responded to but i'm assuming with the release of lineage 2 we've lost a few ppl overnight while gotten a few new players
  5. for hybrid healers bloodthrist is better( obviously) if you're progressing HC raids and kothas then grace. Healing runes and gems affect your spell healing whereas not your spell damage so lets say u have average 1000 spell damage. because of healing runes of healing crit your spell crits are increased by lets say 10% thats 1100 spell damage now(passively, your spell damage is still 1000 but spell healing is 1100) Grace will increase ur healing on 1100 instead of 1000( not taking gems into consideration) i know its not accurate maths but i just wanted to give a picture for most effective healing.
  6. i get where you're coming from as a wow vet i understand spell damage should affect 'spells' in general but in crusaders of light spell based gear and stats are specific to mystic ONLY. i believe this is because they are the only caster class as such. Paladins historically were a combo of damage and spells but here its integrated to damage only.
  7. okay. Grace: 2/3 Healing effect +2% 3/3 Crit Healing effect +10% Bloodthirst: 2/3 Increase Crit and Spell crit by 2% 3/3 Increase crit and spell crit damage by 10% As a healer you will invest points in highest virtue rune upgrade especially Propriety which increases the crit of normal healing by x%. Also you should ideally be using healing gems as well that increase your healing by 1.1% per gem minimum. Your base healing and base crit healing will be increased with the above gems and rune upgrades so when you use Grace over bloodthirst your crit will be higher as a healer due to 3/3 set bonus. bloodthirst 3/3 set is spell crit damage . Spell power affects healing and damage differently with your gem and stats. Although there is no advanced attribute note for healing, but passively Grace will benefit you better when it comes to healing. Hope I've clarified
  8. Hi Marcy. BiS for Shepherd is Divine Gear ATM[advantage - 2x pblast cast]. You can spend 10 flower of tonnaris to get 3 piece set and the last offhand costs 20 flower so total 10x3=30 and 20x1=20 thats 50 flowers for the divine set which you can swap on your gears after upgrading them 3 times. Thats ur first aim with flowers. Next get healing sets available. Crafted gear usually gets D0 or D1 ( with the use of gollen u can reroll them) aim for Secret[advantage - improves ur mystic galaxy by 30%] or Flock [ advantage - improves ur arcane shield by 30%]. Most easily available and retained till you find something better is Bloodthirst[advantage - Spell Crit] and Grace [Advantage - increased healing effect and crit healing effect] Sets acquirable by raiding should be D3 Electric field[advantage - free aoe heal] Sets acquirable by raiding and courage medal is Conflagrus Fire shell[advantage- free shield on auto attack heal] and Natures blessing[advantage- healing ball for 3 players] As a new player i recommend this sequence based on easier to get and them upgrade Natures Blessing 3/3 Conflag fire shell 3/3 Secret or and Flock 2/2 Grace preferably over bloodthirst 3/3 Divine Gear 4/4 (never remove the bonus cuz its BiS, always swap it over stronger gear) Electric Field 3/3 Latest content introduced some new sets but most of us have not tried them as content clearing is pending but does not seem to be insanely stronger than currently existing one. Essentially you will have 10 slots to put gear on. by the time you reach 40-45k char rating you should be having atleast a. 4 divine set b. 3 natures blessing or 3 electric field c. 3 grace or 2 secret Look me up on Viz on forest valley if you're there. Although i main a dps now i still have OS as healing
  9. Posting relevant thread to answer your question:
  10. ive experienced it too. they queue up at the same time to be a part of the same match and then communicate on discord or something, i hate it too - but its a good strategy sometimes- although it ruins the game experience we cant do anything about it..
  11. I'm near the equator (IN) and daylight savings doesn't occur for us. Could you please explain if the adjusted time will be +1 or -1 ?
  12. even though star circles will be available in the future it states in the rules thing that you cannot equip(in this case swiftness) in more than 1 slot. Need confirmation from someone that an upgrade of Tier 1 to tier 2 (Major star) requires Circle star of swiftness?
  13. I can only equip one !!! the other one cant be equipped as its same type it cant be dismantled for mats either ! what to do with it? i spent 10 flower of tonarris on it
  14. no response fyet or star quest completed bug issue. i dont wanna spend mats again for completing it