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  1. very well put points guys, totally relate-able. Most of us core healers were forced to move to dps and become the Meta that is hybrid build while we have off heal spec available for raids where healer isnt available and you dont need to be core healer we manage to make a decent impact in both dps and healing world. Yes the points OP said should be implemented so dps cant hybrid. this is shared CD with FoW so maybe a soft shield for the whole field? Should stick to damage only, no healing party members Sadly this is true to the extent i felt like quitting a couple of times as well. I see Forest dps beating scout with recent fine tuning. they nerfed it a bit but wasn't enough
  2. Here's a work around that someone discovered, just sharing to help:
  3. Seeing really low influx of players like it used to be until 2-3 months back. But yeah i feel the game is dying, at best this game may reach the two-three year mark if there are bug improvements and glitches fixed quickly along with introduction of good PVE content every once in a while whilst reducing the rewards and requirement for old content. My 2 cents(its free)
  4. I heard about OAC and Lineage Revolution 2 but they are heavily P2W and not ideal for new players more like saturated player base but nice post good to keep an eye for upcoming games, i hope they're in English lol
  5. you will get a free reset potion later @DeHei I suggest play as healer till your char rating is 40,000 after that switch to dps because then you can hit people and do offhealing as well.with healing i dont recommend solo gameplay there not a lot of solo gameplay anyway in this game, 70% of your dailies are team based and weekly are 100% team based tasks and healers are always in Demand
  6. No ticket responses for like a month now, something is fishy
  7. its going to be game changing later when progression comes into place and you need level 40 food. Mystics can make only defense type food, which u need to sell to make monies. 35 stam for 700g
  8. Farming gold is getting harder, getting legends is getting harder, the new content is also harder, the p2w are clearing content at an exorbitant rate, the f2p are farming day and night to stay relevant.
  9. getting 100 activity points gets your a chest with atleast 1000g everyday
  10. not really unless you're taking direct hits by mobs or boss( usually tank/off tank focus on physical defense)
  11. Update: Gems: Focus purely on Spell Def. Def is only worthwhile for tanks, you almost never take direct hit.
  12. to level 55 is a long haul, yes reaching 45 is fairly do-able in 2 days if you're not on the game 24/7 then 1 day should be ok
  13. honestly I feel normal attack should be automatic if you're in combat, don't see the logic of manually spam tapping basic attack in between spell/ability casts.
  14. leveling an alt Pala as well. haven't dumped main exp into talent exp yet, only leveling with what I have. once we're 55 theres gonna be a 900% buff again if you're far off so the trade off its equivalent