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  1. Same bro. i did it twice..
  2. Guys, i opened my daily loot and i saw a level boost potion was on SALE, 68% off. I bought it because i thought it was worth it to buy. But when i was trying to use it it says "your talent level is too high, unable to use." My char is lv55 and have 58 path lv. But i saw someone on youtube that lv55 char and lv60 path who can used it. what is the problem? Can someone explain to me how level potion works? or can i use it ever? or do i have to gift it to my alt.?
  3. It didn't work for me. Same Error " ??????????????" i removed it many times and tried to relog-in but it shows the same error. is there any aalternatives? please response asap coz i cant play.. ty