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  1. pvp in Col is just for a laugh more than anything I mean as of now the paladin is specifically designed to hands down best every class its a simple system with simple targeting that again in my opinion favours a ranged class anyone who takes a battle system with 4 abilities and limited targeting facilities seriously is just kidding themselves if they believe it has something to do with talent or skill
  2. I don't think it would even make a difference in pvp if it was equalised a warriors strength comes from its burst in pvp which is currently the lowest in the game as you point out, it's basically impossible to even hit whilst getting kited until the stuns cooldown ever played 3 dps mystics in 3's suppression casts even while stunned, 3 will just drop anyone I just think 100 damage is too unfair an advantage for mystics and hunters to have over us
  3. There is literally a public ranking system and you're complaining about privacy? you have a publicly listed rating mate But I do think it's great to be able to see people's hit points as they play a major role in raid survival
  4. Now hypothetically why the **** would you bring a warrior who isn't contributing as much dps to a raid in the first place just because he's able to survive? ps @Off what do you think about the base attribute differences between classes? I recall someone saying that you're OP so I'm going to assume you have a valid opinion my character is probably the strongest dps warrior on server, at the very least top 2.
  5. fix base stats tilts me everyday seeing people with rubbish dps gear having similar or higher attack rating 100 is a big deal a really big deal Why not simply switch the base statistics of a warrior who activates executioner path to match that of a mystic or hunter, in terms of strength, intelligence, agility and vitality let them remain as they are for a warrior who's activated gladiator path in a fair world I'd recommend the same be done with a paladin but the class is clearly broken enough as it is and frankly i don't care enough to offer up a potential remedy to that brainless creation that being said this disparity of stats seems to be at the core of the problem, we suffer huge dps loss from raid mechanics and we're not even given the same base output as the other classes, who have numerous other dps advantages F E E D B A C K W O U L D B E N I C E
  6. Bump; your community demands a response @RedPanda
  7. Do you need a hug bro?
  8. Bumped more official feedback from developers might help assuage the warrior communities grievances with balancing issues specifically in regards to the executioner path key notes lack of burst compounded by steady dps fall below 70% of targets hit points compounded further by inability to actually deal damage in multiple instances of pve and further again by an enormous disparity in base statistics between classes ranger base agility 165 mystic base intelligence 165 warrior base strength 75 a 90 attribute point differential is an insurmountable obstacle in end game character progression dps wise
  9. @DarkKush paladins are broken af please don't contribute brainless opinions to the forums lest a brainless developer read said drivel and decide he's done a fabulous job balancing paladins because he hasn't
  10. Please no turn into paladin thread I regret the comment
  11. Mate if they've quit and you still can't pull ahead do you really deserve to be there
  12. I genuinely hope the fact that paladins are clearly broken was just for release hype if they stay this way they'll easily be the strongest class in the game and not by a small margin seems like a joke this game is kind of a joke though
  13. Compounded by the fact that our highest burst only lasts for the first 30% of any fight and simply decreases from there. Another side note about base damage and boss aggro, since I've swapped to tank as there is a lack of the role being played on my server, I've noticed that you do actually need high dps to hold initial aggro and seeing as I built the character around pve dps I can actually pull aggro from any tank without even using chains, so not only would even base damages across classes assist dps warriors it would also assist tanks.
  14. It's true mate, ask your mystic and ranger compadres to remove all gear and switch to a 1 talent path if your dubious warriors do have higher base vitality than both but I could think of multiple arguments as to why that makes little sense